ABC Expands ‘GMA,’ Pulls the Plug on Another Show

May 23, 2018  •  Post A Comment

ABC announced plans today to expand its flagship morning show “Good Morning America,” adding a new third hour at 1 p.m. ET/noon CT/PT.

The expansion comes at the expense of “The Chew,” which will cease production at the end of this season. “The Chew” will continue to air as planned until September, including rolling out all-new episodes starting in June.

Ben Sherwood, co-chairman, Disney Media Networks, and president, Disney|ABC Television, commented: “Over the past six years ‘Good Morning America’ has solidified its place as America’s No. 1 morning show. We believe there is great opportunity for viewers and advertisers in expanding to a third hour.”

Please click here for full details in today’s announcement from ABC.


  1. The third hour of “Good Morning America” seems misplaced. The show should air two hours earlier (right after Good Morning America currently airs) to be considered a third hour–like the “Today Show” airs.. A show airing at 1 p.m., or noon, is not airing in the morning.. The “third hour” should be called “Good Afternoon America”..

  2. Yep. It’s not good morning America if it airs at 1 in the afternoon…it’s good afternoon America…

  3. The Chew also aired in the early afternoon. In most markets so ABC did NOT pull the plug on “another morning show.”
    So TV Week’s editor should correct the headline.

  4. Terminating the Chew, bad business. Large fan base. Every TV station has GMA like shows and no one stands out. Boring. The chew talks about current trends and the for movement. More and more people are interested in cooking like a pro, fresh food ideas, trends in fashion and food and you can be great, learn the technique not just recipes. I say you made the wrong choice, and will pay in mass loss in revenue. A Chew fan.

  5. Gma day SUCKS. It is unwatchable. The hosts are like 2 bobbleheads laughing hysterically at nothing funny and the audience must be getting paid for laughing at crap. It is not only uninformational and unwatchable bad move for ABC

  6. Gma day is way too much gma. This is a stupid show. Fire the persons responsible for this stupid show. 3 hours of gma is monotonous crap. Who’s idea was it. Too much strayhan.

  7. you pulled the chew for this stupid show?? very bad decision. gmad has no decent content worth watching.

  8. GMA day sucks. I love Michael but cannot stand his cohost. I don’t like her in the view or regular gma. They need to let Michael host solo or find him a new cohost!

  9. Bring back The Chew! Carla, Clinton and Michael had such good chemistry. They were cheerful and informative. Now my television goes off at gmaday time. Bad decision….please bring them back!

  10. I think GMA day sucks. It doesn’t flow at all. It’s awkward and annoying. The laughter seems forced and there isn’t any chemistry with the hosts. Separately, I liked them in other rolls. It just misses the boat!! Put the Chew back on.

  11. I retired this year, and have time to watch afternoon shows. I choose shows with no political bashing. Political views are good, but not bashing. I enjoy GMA Day.

  12. First of all Michael Strahan is a pathetic excuse for a broadcast journalist. He’s weak at best. His diction is laughable. His opinions are weak, and he comes across as being so phony, and unbelievable. No one cares what his uneducated mind thinks..

  13. Please bring back the Chew, cancelling the Chew with the network idea of saving money with poor programming, just shifting personnel and creating this piece of crap called GMA Today. I guess they thought it was going to be a success like Kelly and Ryan.

  14. It’s nice to know that there are others out there who think GMA day is a steamy pile of pooh! ABC made such a stupid choice by replacing the Chew with this piece of c**p. You took away a good thing and replaced it with garbage. I wish another network would pick up THE CHEW, It was great show. Don’t you have enough work Strahan ??? You had to lower yourself to this. DON’T BE A PUPPET!

  15. GMA Day is just a regurgitation of GMA. Nothing new and is horrible.
    Shut it down ASAP.
    Like others I just shut off the TV for the hour.

  16. This show makes me cringe. Everything feels so awkwardly forced and fake I can’t even watch it.

  17. GMA, and ABC programming in general, sucks! They have no imagination or ability to produce a credible show. They haven’t for some time. I avoid all together. That’s why European programming far exceeds anything that ABC has produced!

  18. GMADay stinks, put another soap opera on, these two hosts are simple minded and it’s a waste of air time. ABC you need to replace this show sooner than later. Michael is overrated and Sara is a bobble head who laughs at anything.

  19. Unwatchable. What are those clowns constantly laughing at? I’m not amused at idiotic banter and laughing. Do we need that many people hosting?

  20. The show is horrible. Idiotic and childish. Sara Haines literally hangs on Michael Strahan and fake laughs hysterically at any given chance. Why in the world did ABC cancel “The Chew” and replace it with this repetitious garbage??

  21. What in the world are those clowns constantly giggling at? Unwatchable.

  22. This show is absolutely horrible. Strathan comes across as completely fake- not genuine AT ALL. I can’t tell you awkward and horrible it is. I hate it. It is forced. And this new chair thing every day is so stupid. The chemistry amongst The Chew guests was wonderful, genuine, believable and seemed effortless. It saddens me that an informative show like The Chew was cancelled for this unwatchable train wreck. Please bring back The Chew or a rebranding of the hosts. Renaming GMA Day To Strathan and Sarah will not help this format or the chemistry.

  23. I echo the sentiments of others. GMA day is redundant and is the worse spinoff I have ever seen. It is literally GMA in the afternoon! It is weird.

  24. Bring back the to. This show is an watchable 1st we have strayhand with the list and then a dummy cohosy.
    Not worth coming home for lunch to watch..and after trying one show because Carla was on..i was done..The Chew was fresh and unique and others try to copy it to no avail..The Kitchen on food network and Daphne’s lame The Dish copy cat wanna be on her Daddys show are pale in comparison..

  25. I use to watch ABC every day when the chew was on. I don’t go near ABC to watch overexposed Strahan and obnoxious Sara. What a ridiculous move it was to cancel the Chew and put this crap on!

  26. Mr Strahan is out of his league he is supposedly a broadcast journalist right give me a break he is an embarrassment to true professional journalists.

  27. I didn’ Mind Sarah Haines on the view, but when she joined Michael Strahan on Strahan and Sarah, she annoyed me. She fake laughs at anything Michael says, even if it isn’t funny. She reaches over and puts her hand on Michael and leans forward forcing a fake laugh, it drives me nuts!
    Michael also forces himself to laugh and no matter what he does, she follows.
    Time for something New! How many shows are we gonna see Michael on?

  28. I agree with most of these comments. I work from home and keep the TV on all day. Was a faithful GMA viewer for 40 years but switched to CBS Morning a couple of years ago when the present lineup of hosts got on my nerves (for the record, I adore GMA’s weekend lineup, especially Dan and Rob). I love The View and turn to it every day. Didn’t mind Sara on The View but find her unbelievably annoying on the afternoon show…that voice! And the interaction between her and Strahan is so forced and phony. I switch channels as soon as it comes on.

  29. Today,Cbs this morning ,Good morning America all the overpaid anchors are so boring and dumb.they all like to get their dogs in about our President look in the mirror all of you none of you are a prize.Savannah Guthrie and the obsession with the Royals Gayle King got her raise because she is Oprahs friend and a woman of color please doing a good job gets a raise not because you are a woman a woman of color.these station zproducers need to take a look what monsters they have created

  30. Strahan and Sara just plain stinks. What a waste of TV. Bring back “The Chew” it was way more entertaining. Worst decision ABC has ever made was putting this show on tv.

  31. Too much fake laughing and behavior. It needs to flow like Regis and Kelly or his previous cohost. They are truly funny and entertaining. And now with KeKe Palmer, can the two women be more touchy and over the top ridiculous?! Yes bring back the Chew!

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