Fox Networks Group Unveils New Approach to Commercials, Launching This Year

May 14, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Fox Networks Group President of Advertising Revenue Joe Marchese unveiled a major initiative at today’s Fox programming presentation aimed at transforming the commercial experience on the Fox networks through the introduction of what the network calls “JAZ pods.”

“The new two-ad (‘Just A and Z’) pods, which guarantee advertisers adjacency to FNG sports and entertainment programming, will be available across all of FNG’s networks, including specific shows, events, time-blocks and even select whole nights on the broadcast network, and will be the only format of linear national advertising available for FX’s new series ‘The Weekly,'” the company said in an announcement released today.

In a statement, Marchese said: “JAZ pods, which offer the highest-impact commercial format on television, deliver on two key objectives for advertisers: First, we are offering the most effective ad format in television by bringing brands closer to our content, with each commercial airing adjacent to our leading sports and entertainment programming. Second, by reducing commercial time, we are limiting the other ads with which brands must compete for viewers’ attention, recall and engagement. A lower frequency of ads with higher impact and memorability means that the brand wins and the viewer wins.”

The announcement adds: “The ad format, which will feature just two 30-second national commercials per break, will debut later this year across FNG’s portfolio of networks, including during live sports. During the upcoming season, Fox will also dedicate select Sunday nights to JAZ pod-only commercial breaks. Sundays on Fox, featuring the animation block anchored by ‘The Simpsons,’ draws the highest concentration of male millennials of any night on broadcast television and will serve as an important benchmark for the new ad format.”

JAZ pods will be the only type of linear national commercial that airs during ‘The Weekly,’ FX’s new narrative documentary series that will debut later this year, the company noted.


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  1. They talk about this like it’s something new — but it’s actually rather old, because commercial breaks that only consisted of two commercials was the standard back in the 70s. Back then, a half hour sitcom ran over 25 minutes, instead of the 21 minutes that is typical today — and the networks ran three one-minute commercial breaks during a half-hour time slot, with another minute between shows for the local affiliate, and a couple of network promos.
    Early VCRs didn’t let you easily scan through or skip commercials, but the commercial breaks were mostly so short (at least in prime time) that it wasn’t worth the hassle to try to avoid the commercials, anyway.

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