Lawsuit Against Trump Moves Forward

May 17, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A lawsuit against Donald Trump by a woman who was a contestant on the NBC reality show “The Apprentice” can proceed, a court ruled today. The defamation lawsuit was filed in New York by Summer Zervos.

“The ruling by the state Supreme Court’s appellate division means Zervos’ lawyers can press ahead with a demand for Trump campaign documents and other records while they await another appeals court decision that is likely months away,” the AP reports.

Mariann Wang, a lawyer for Zervos, said: “We look forward to proving Ms. Zervos’s claim that (the) defendant lied when he maliciously attacked her for reporting his sexually abusive behavior.”

“Trump’s lawyers had asked to put the case on ice until the appeals court decides whether to dismiss it or postpone it past his presidency, a decision likely to take at least until fall,” the AP notes. “Trump’s lawyer in the case, Marc Kasowitz, said there was ‘no valid reason’ for the court to deny the stay while it decided the underlying issue of whether a private citizen can sue a sitting president in a state court.”


  1. Being President has brought to life only a portion of the criminal activities this man has done in life. He should have stayed a bankrupt playboy. Shame on all of you who ignored his unpaid workers and ex employees who told you this is how he is.

  2. If Presidents were only chosen based on having the best morality, Kennedy and Clinton would not have been able to be president. We may not like Trump’s morals, but like Kennedy and Clinton, he has put forward legitimate programs that have benefited the country. As hard as it has been with Trump, it is necessary to separate the person from their performance in the job. Just as we did with Kennedy and Clinton.

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