Martin Short ‘Explains’ Why He Doesn’t Attack Trump Publicly — by Attacking Trump Publicly

May 29, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Comedian Martin Short opened up about why he and his comedy partner Steve Martin have been keeping politics out of their material lately.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Short said: “Steve and I have great respect for the fact that we don’t just want a liberal audience. So you want the audience to feel that this is, in a way, a safe zone. A zone where they’re not going to be made to feel like a jerk because they voted one way.”

He added: “So that’s why we deliberately do not mention Donald Trump. But as far as the Trump presidency, I wouldn’t even call it a presidency. It’s an asterisk. It’s a typo. I mean, every day it’s worse and 10 years from now the history books will be having a field day with it and the shame of the people who supported him, if they’re still around, in the sense of being in the public eye, will be like the people who supported McCarthy.”

Short is also quoted saying in the piece: “Trump is Trump. Some people find him hilarious. I don’t find it hilarious, but you can’t say it’s dull.”

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