Report: Subpoena Issued for Trump Tapes From ‘Apprentice’

May 2, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A subpoena has been issued for material from the NBC reality show “The Apprentice” in connection with a lawsuit against Donald Trump by a former contestant on the show, according to the AP, which cites the woman’s lawyer.

“Summer Zervos’ lawyer, Mariann Wang, said Wednesday she issued a subpoena for any ‘Apprentice’ material that features Zervos or Trump talking about her or discussing other female contestants in a sexual or inappropriate way,” the AP reports. “Wang also subpoenaed records from the Beverly Hills Hotel, where Zervos says Trump made unwelcome advances in 2007.”

Zervos has accused Trump, who hosted “The Apprentice,” of unwanted groping and kissing and is suing him for defamation, the story reports.

The report quotes Wang saying: “We are gathering evidence that will prove that the defendant (Trump) lied when he falsely denigrated Ms. Zervos and denied sexually assaulting her.”

Trump has denied the allegations by Zervos.

“Zervos says he defamed her by saying she lied; Trump’s lawyers say his remarks weren’t slanderous,” the story reports.

The new subpoenas reportedly seek emails, financial records and other documents in addition to video and audio recordings.

“Trump’s attorneys have been trying to get the case dismissed or at least held off until after Trump’s presidency,” the report adds.


  1. Completely hilarious given even if he had referred to every contestant by horrible epithets, it’s NOT ILLEGAL.

    Mueller needs to continue the hate driven witch hunt though; it’s what keeps him “employed.”

    • Can you even read? This has nothing to do with Mueller. It must suck to have a mind so closed up to truth that you can’t even decipher simple articles.

  2. He’s a crook who lived outside the law long before he ever ran for president. So far he’s used his money wisely to hide his conduct, but the foundation is crumbling. My hope is that he’ll step aside in the next election. Mike Pence has clearly shown that he is calmer, wiser, better informed and all around more presidential. This is the man we need leading the country.

  3. Bill, this subpoena has absolutely nothing to do with Mueller’s investigation, so your bringing that up is completely irrelevant.
    As for the legality of what Trump may have said on those tapes, that’s also irrelevant — this is a libel lawsuit, so the purpose of subpoenaing those tapes is to find evidence that Trump lied when he accused Summer Zervos of lying.

  4. I wish our legal system had a, “Loser Pays” requirement like some countries do (the loser pays all legal fees for both lawyers). In this country, anyone can sue anyone for any reason, no matter how frivolous. Trump can afford the lawyers to fight frivolous lawsuits but many people can’t. If someone sued me, I probably would have a very difficult time hiring a good lawyer.

  5. If lying is slander. Trump will be able to buy a new jet if he sues all the reporters and networks that have been caught lying about him.

  6. Without prejudice

    America chill! Fighting with each other over a crime that someone might or might not have committed is silly. Let the lawyers battle it out! For those who do not approve of Trump, and believe he has committed a crime, and should be removed from office. Exercise your franchise on November 2018/2020. If you guys want to argue, it should be over the trillions of dollars of debt incurred by this administration, which the congress will have to pay borrowing funds from your pension, and social security funds, along with higher taxes for all working folks. You can bet your sweet petunias it won’t come out of their pension fund.

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