Trump’s Surprising Response to the Arrest of Harvey Weinstein

May 25, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump provided a response that many readers may find surprising when he was asked about the arrest and arraignment of former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein on the day of Weinstein’s handcuffed “perp walk.”

Deadline quotes Trump saying: “I don’t know anything about it,” in response to a question from a reporter during an impromptu press conference today on the White House lawn.

“The president surprisingly said he was not familiar with charges against Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein, whose self-turning-in blanketed the morning  TV news landscape,” Deadline notes, adding that when he was pressed on the subject, Trump said: “I’m not familiar with the case, but it’s really too bad, it’s really too bad.”

Deadline adds: “Trump’ election, despite Washington Post‘s October 2016 release of [a] 2005 ‘Access Hollywood’ tape in which he boasted of his ability to grab women by the crotch with impunity because he is so famous is credited with motivating some women to come forward to NYT and New Yorker with reports of sexual abuse at the hands of other powerful media figures.”


  1. The fact that the President isn’t following every step of the Weinstein case shouldn’t be a surprise. He is fairly busy and may not have the same time the press does to monitor every step. But it does give TV Week chance for a cheap shot at Trump about his Access Hollywood tape that really has nothing to do with the Weinstein surrender today.

    • Oh please, you really believe your own dribble?

  2. 2hy would President Trump follow anything that is the DNC/Clinton supporting Weinstein?

  3. Bullshit. He knows and is nervous now

  4. Guy can’t stop lying.

  5. Trump is certainly an inept & dishonest President, but more importantly: he is a despicable human being who is an embarrassment to the United States.

  6. Fox entertainment shows F&F and Hannity have been too busy pushing trump’s LieGate to focus on any other news, so how would trump know considering all he does it seems is watch Fox Fake News. He usually tweets it word for word.

  7. Boys will be Boys …

    As the founder of “Tramps for Trump”, we are a proud group of sex toys for Mr. Trump who can
    now brag about being ravaged by the now President of the United States. We are in a proud
    Fan Club of our President and will forever cherish our moments of passion with the Donald!

    In the spirit of bipartisan fellowship, we will soon launch the “Whores of Weinstein” sex club
    where others can join in to be part of this most exclusive club. As it is the fantasy of most
    women to be manhandled by a monster as with “Beauty and the Beast”, it is truly an honor
    to also be ravaged by such a beast and horrendous monster as Mr. Weinstein.

    More news to follow.

    Bertha Lipmeyer
    “Donald’s #322 in 1989”

  8. Guilty Cleric is horrible, lying idiot. Just look at the hyper-partisan crap he spews in his comments on TV Week. He should be blocked from this site because of his unbearable dishonesty.

  9. I actually tested as a genius in college. And having spent 10 years in government I was not lying when I said he would likely not be monitoring every step. Washington, DC is like Hollywood. Completely focused on itself and not very interested in anything but itself and it’s own gossip.

  10. What could he say about an aging, wealthy man know to exploit women he has power over?

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