Why Ronan Farrow Is Making NBC Anxious

May 17, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“Of all the headaches that have been furrowing brows in the executive offices of NBC News these days, the one involving Ronan Farrow has proven particularly tenacious,” writes Joe Pompeo on the Vanity Fair website.

Pompeo writes: “Last August, NBC News spiked a Harvey Weinstein investigation that Farrow had been working on as a freelancer. (Farrow had previously hosted a show on MSNBC in 2015, but it was canceled due to low ratings.) He took the story to the New Yorker, which published it on October 10, days after a competing investigation by The New York Times rolled off the presses.”

The result: Both the Times and the New Yorker shared a Pulitzer Prize for the story.

Writes Pompeo: “Now, Farrow is getting ready to tell his side of the story about what went down behind the scenes while he was reporting on Weinstein. Little, Brown and Co. announced last week that it will publish ‘Catch and Kill,’ ‘a story that expands our understanding of the forces in law, politics, and media that maintained a conspiracy of silence around Weinstein and other men in power committing gross abuses with impunity.’ The announcement amplified an already feverish curiosity among media insiders about why NBC let the Weinstein story go.”

Eventually, when the book comes out, NBC “needs to figure out a way to support its side of the story without looking like it’s trying to undermine a former employee who is now widely seen as a courageous truth-teller,” the story adds.


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  1. Farrow is a cocky punk ass bitch. Can’t stand him even tho he’s doing good work

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