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After Being Reamed by Critics, John Travolta’s ‘Gotti’ Movie Uses Its Official Twitter Feed to Lash Out

Jun 19, 2018  •  Post A Comment

John Travolta’s mob movie “Gotti” may or may not be the worst movie of all time, but it’s clearly the worst reviewed movie of the year — as evidenced by its rare zero score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

On Monday, “Gotti” fought back, sending out a message on the movie’s official Twitter account that says: “Audiences loved Gotti but critics don’t want you to see it… The question is why??? Trust the people and see it for yourself!”

The message is accompanied by a clip expanding on that concept with the on-screen message: “Audiences loved Gotti, critics put out the hit. Who would you trust more? Yourself or a troll behind a keyboard.”

A report on EW.com suggests that the “Audiences loved Gotti” claim might be a stretch.

“The audience score for ‘Gotti’ on Rotten Tomatoes is indeed considerably higher than its critical score at 75 percent (which is hardly in the ‘loved’ category but also is far from an ‘incomprehensible mess of a movie,’ as one critic put it),” EW reports, adding: “In its opening weekend in limited release across 25 cities, ‘Gotti’ only grossed $1.6 million. So while some viewers do indeed like the movie, there sure aren’t many of them.”

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