CNBC Set to Roll Out New Prime-Time Series

Jun 19, 2018  •  Post A Comment

CNBC will be premiering a new prime-time original series next month, announcing plans for the July 9 debut of “Deadly Rich.”

“From the producers of ‘American Greed,’ the 10-episode true-crime series takes viewers inside the lives and deaths of the 1 percent, exposing the dirty little secrets of how big money drives people to the ultimate sin,” CNBC said in today’s announcement. “’Deadly Rich’ features high-profile cases and tells each story through first-person accounts from family members and friends of the victims to law enforcement. All of these cases lead to one thing — money and lots of it.”

The premiere episode will examine the murders of Miami Fontainebleau Hotel heir Ben Novack Jr. and his mother, Bernice Novack.

“When found murdered in a New York hotel room, the twisted secrets of Novack Jr.’s unconventional life come spilling out,” CNBC said. “His wife Narcy Novack, a former stripper, becomes the key to a sordid case of not one, but two gruesome murders in the Novack family.”

Other prominent cases to be featured in the series include the tale of serial imposter “Clark Rockefeller,” the murder of Toni and Lynn Henthorn and the murder-for-hire scheme against Pamela Fayed.

“Whether it’s for lust, or envy, or revenge, ‘Deadly Rich’ shows us that the rich do everything differently. Even murder,” CNBC notes.

“Deadly Rich” is produced for CNBC by Kurtis Productions with Mike West and Tania Lindsay as executive producers. Charles Schaeffer is the executive producer for CNBC.

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  1. way to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s relevant to the masses CNBC.

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