Law Enforcement Provides Theory on Why Kate Spade Committed Suicide

Jun 6, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Fashion designer Kate Spade, who hanged herself in her bedroom in a Park Avenue apartment, was “extremely depressed” because her husband wanted a divorce, TMZ reports, citing law enforcement sources.

“We’ve learned Andy Spade was not living at the family home … he and Kate had separated and he was living in a nearby apartment,” TMZ reports. “Our law enforcement sources say after their interview Tuesday they were clear … Andy wanted a divorce but Kate did not.”

The report adds: “It makes her suicide note particularly interesting and possibly revealing. She wrote to her 13-year-old daughter, Frances Beatrix, ‘Bea — I have always loved you. This is not your fault. Ask Daddy!’ It’s unclear what Kate meant by the words ‘Ask Daddy!’ One interpretation is that he knows why she ended her life.”

Kate Spade was found early Tuesday and was later pronounced dead at the scene. She was 55.


  1. Yeah “Ask Daddy.” What the flock!!!!!!!!!! Weak spineless woman, a coward, to do this to her kid. You want to kill yourself go right ahead and kill yourself. If you’re a dumb witch and bring your teenage daughter in to this by killing yourself and writing HER a note you are a flipping coward.

    Tired of these got dang tributes for this woman. She’s a coward for what she did to her kid. Tears for her kid not this stench of a human being. “Oh she was so wonderful, she made great handbags.”


    • What angry loud piece of garbage. I could only hope to meet

  2. I agree! Although I can understand depression, I can’t understand abandoning a child to suffer the trauma alone. And if dad is such a jerk, then you’ve just given him sole custody of the child you loved.

  3. You shouldn’t be so judgemental, it doesn’t sound to me like she did it herself.

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