MSNBC Host Apologizes Again for Old Blog Posts

Jun 1, 2018  •  Post A Comment

An MSNBC host who began a blog back in 2005 admitted today that she has posted things on it that she is now embarrased by and regrets putting up.

The AP reports that Joy Reid apologized again for past posts, “including one that had an image of Sen. John McCain superimposed on the body of a campus killer and another where she urged people to watch a conspiracy film tied to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”

The report notes that news organizations have been combing through her deleted posts.

“Buzzfeed uncovered an altered image of McCain’s head atop the gun-toting body of the Virginia Tech campus shooter,” the AP reports, adding: “Reid said that she’s sorry for the collateral damage and pain her old posts are creating.”


  1. Good thing she’s a liberal. Nothing will happen to her. Nothing. Another benefit of being a liberal. We can say and do whatever we want and media outlets will let us slide.

    • Do you have selective attention disorder? And who is we? You’re are obviously not a liberal. You post against anything anti trumper on this site so spare us all the bad fake. Her posts were 13 years ago. Although disappointing, she hasn’t been warned over and over again like Roseanne. She also is not a key character on a major network family show. Maybe liberals just don’t outwardly say racist things?
      Kathy Griffin fired.
      Jemele Hill Suspendended
      I could go on but I’ve seen from your previous troll posts on this board & you don’t read anything fully or have anything other than bitterness to offer the world, so I’m done. Google, It’s your friend Sceptical(sic) Simpleton.

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