Nielsen Figures Out a Way to Compress TV Commercials — and Says It Makes Them Better Than Longer Ones

Jun 12, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Nielsen has reportedly patented a method of compressing television commercials that the company says makes them as effective or more effective than they are in their original length.

MediaPost reports that the method, which also makes the ads cheaper to buy, “is being bundled into Nielsen’s existing consumer neuroscience practice [and] is effectively being offered as added value to brands and agencies that use the service to test the effectiveness of their campaigns.”

MediaPost adds: “Nielsen has not disclosed which brands are using the service, but an internal validation study tested 80 separate campaigns and found that when 30-second spots were compressed into 15-second versions using the method, they performed as well or better across all the brand metrics the service tests for, including: action intent, effectiveness, emotion, memory and attention.”

The report also notes: “The findings represent a potential breakthrough for optimizing both the length of TV and video ads, as well as their media budgets, at a time when both buyers and sellers are rethinking consumer attention, as well as advertising clutter.”

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