Report: ABC May Greenlight ‘Roseanne’ Reboot This Week

Jun 5, 2018  •  Post A Comment

An announcement that ABC is moving forward with a rebooted version of “Roseanne” following the show’s cancellation could come as early as this week, TMZ reports.

“Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … network executives kicked negotiations into third gear when Tom Werner, who produced ‘Roseanne’ through his company Carsey-Werner, got involved over the weekend in direct talks with top network brass. His involvement has all but sealed the deal,” TMZ reports. “Our sources say the network’s fine tuning last-minute details … particularly around Roseanne [Barr], who was not only the face of the show, but also served as an executive producer.”

As has been widely reported, the network pulled the plug on the series in response to controversial tweets by Barr, who would not be a part of any revived version of the show.

“ABC has been exploring the possibility of rebranding the show and focus on Sara Gilbert’s character, Darlene. John Goodman is ‘very interested’ … as is the rest of the cast and crew,” TMZ reports adding: “There is a possible snag. Although ABC seems to have good cause to fire Roseanne as both the star and executive producer, the network may be contractually bound to pay her a fee or back end or both for her participation in creating the show. ABC, of course, could argue it’s now a different show.”


  1. I think it important to allow the show to continue. Could start a healing process and allow some much needed discussion. I also think ABC should allow Roseanne to come back under certain conditions.

  2. Bring Roseanne back with Barr, there have been a lot worse things actors and actresses have done that have not gotten their shows cancelled.

    • Blatant racism and anti-semitism should not be tolerated. Have you no shame? Where is your humanity?

      • When did “Muslim brotherhood” or “planet of the apes” become racist terms? Too much PC these days.

    • And there have also been lesser things that actors and actresses have done that HAVE gotten their shows canceled.

  3. I am not sure that what Roseanne did was any worse than Samantha Bee. Where are the feminists that were out patting themselves on the back this spring. One was horrible to African Americans and the other was horrible to women, and it was on National TV. Both specifically were pointed at a woman personally. Once again the hypocrisy of Hollywood and the Left is being exposed.

    • Exactly GC. The way the Left savages the Right day after day is often worse than anything Roseanne has ever done. Her targets were appropriate. She just went overboard with the language. This is Roseanne’s show. Bring her back, suspend her for a show or two, and get on with in. Any reboot will die a quick death as conservatives refuse to watch it.

      And if ABC doesn’t bring Roseanne back (probably won’t). Thank you for making a martyr out of her. Her words and deeds have received ten times the attention than if the network had handled the matter in a calm and fair way.

  4. The show’s viewing audience watched Roseanne for the show’s large supporting cast, just as much as they watched it for Roseanne Barr. Any spin-off should also focus around John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf, along with Sara Gilbert.

  5. Sara Gilbert is a bitch. The show would never last without Roseanne

  6. Omg folks.. the Daily Show and Samantha Bee are satire news shows ..,sheesh

  7. Neither an organization nor a movie can have a baby. Did Barr say Dr. Zaius or another character? Even if she had, how is it racist to compare someone to a fictional character, especially a computer generated one? I think people who see this comment as racist must be thinking of the most recent Planet of the Apes film where the “apes” actually look more like chimpanzees than humans, and then stretched the bounds of the remark, making it sound like Barr actually called Jarrett an ape, in effect putting words in Barr’s mouth. Ridiculous! Fascist to ban her from TV!

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