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Report: Roseanne Barr ‘Seriously Considering’ Surprising Concession So a Potential ‘Roseanne’ Spinoff Can Proceed

Jun 13, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“Producers are moving toward an agreement that would allow them to go ahead with a ‘Roseanne’ spinoff … because Roseanne Barr is ‘seriously considering’ forgoing any profits from the new show,” reports The New York Post’s Page Six in a scoop.

The story, by Mara Siegler, reports: “A source close to the disgraced comic — who says she is ‘hunkered down’ with her parents in Utah — tells us, ‘Roseanne feels so bad about her antics she is trying to figure out a way to help people harmed by the cancellation. She’s considering giving up financial and creative participation in a spinoff so the people she loves can have jobs. Barr holding on is a stumbling block.'”

The story adds: “Last week, Barr tweeted, ‘I’m making restitution for the pain I have caused.’

“A rep for Barr didn’t get back to us, and ABC declined to comment.”

The story also notes: “Speculation abounds about which character would be at the center of the spinoff, but insiders tell us, ‘The smart money is on Darlene [Conner] and her family.'”

Darlene is played by Sara Gilbert. It’s been widely reported that the “Roseanne” reboot this past season was largely her idea.


  1. Darlene / Sara is boring and no one wants to watch it.

  2. In a world where democrats can, and do, spout vitriol ad nauseam why is she being vilified? They are actors not gods. You can watch or not. You can agree or not. But to shun her now is ludicrous.

  3. Viewers want to see John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf, and the other Connor members (except Roseanne), just as much– if not more- than they want to watch Sara Gilbert.. How about more Estelle Parsons (as the grandmother on the show), or Natalie West as Crystal (one of Roseanne Connor’s co-workers who once had an interest in Dan–John Goodman’s character). The older audience members will be watching for the older characters on the show, just as much as they will be watching for Sara Gilbert’s tv family.

    • I want to see Roseanne

  4. if you want to see Roseanne, ABC would have to re-cast the Roseanne Connor character. ABC won’t allow Roseanne Barr to part of any Roseanne spin-off. Better hope ABC doesn’t kill-off the Roseanne character. If you want to see the original series, the DVDs of all the episodes are still available for viewing.

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