California Lawmakers Reach Deal to Reinstate Net Neutrality

Jul 6, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“Leading California lawmakers said Thursday they have reached an agreement on legislation that will create super-strong net neutrality protections after the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal its own regulations,” CNET reports. “The deal comes after bitter debate among Democrats over how much muscle to put into the legislation, heralded as one of the nation’s most aggressive efforts to revive Obama-era net neutrality regulations reversed by the Trump administration.”

The new legislation reportedly goes beyond the previous FCC rules, which were rolled back earlier this year.

“The bill’s author, state Sen. Scott Wiener, said in June that he and fellow Democrat Assemblyman Miguel Santiago would begin negotiating to fix the bill to ensure the protections that were weeded out in the committee process would be added back into the legislation,” CNET reports.

Wiener said in a statement: “For months, we have worked with a broad coalition to pass strong and enforceable net neutrality protections. As Internet service providers and media companies like AT&T and Time Warner consolidate, net neutrality is more important than ever.”

CNET adds: “The move to weaken the bill was seen as a major blow to Democrats in Congress and in state houses across the country, which were looking to California to set a high standard as they push to reinstate strong net neutrality protections to replace the rules the Republican-led FCC voted to eliminate.”


  1. Once again California hoses consumers in pursuit of some silly philosophical point.

  2. If this is a flat rate only bill like the old FCC, the game and video streaming hogs downloading hundreds of terrabytes each month pays the same flat rate as Mr consumer who watches only a few videos each month. Democratic equality

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