Contract Dispute Knocks Some Programming Off Dish

Jul 2, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A contract dispute that has already escalated into a programming disruption “may last indefinitely,” with Spanish-language viewers in the U.S. coming out on the short end, CNET reports.

“Over the weekend, Univision networks and stations disappeared from Dish. Both companies blame each other for the outage,” the story reports.

CNET adds: “On Monday, New York-based Univision said in a release that Dish dropped most of Univision’s networks and stations from its streaming service indefinitely on Saturday. The removal of its channels followed Colorado-based Dish’s rejection of a Univision offer to extend an existing contract, the network said.”

Dish reportedly offered a different version of the situation, saying Univision is trying to gain the upper hand in the contract standoff by withholding its programming, CNET reports.

“Univision is attempting to increase the rate it charges Dish by roughly 75 percent, Dish said on Saturday,” the story reports. “The Spanish-language network blocked Dish users’ access to its flagship Univision network, as well as its Galavision and UniMás channels, Dish said. Univision also blocked Dish’s Sling users from accessing all Univision channels, it said.”


  1. Dish sucks in general….they are always pulling these kind of stunts. They pulled a local station off in our area saying they wanted to much money. Our stations are owned by the same company and the other stations are on there just the Fox one was pulled off. All the other cable carriers in the area and the outside areas agreed to carry the stations but DISH is the only one that held out and it’s the same standard contract for all of them. Dish has shady practices to squeeze money out of their viewers. Matter of fact is was found out that Dish wanted to change the wording of the contract so they could got through a back door to acquire the single for free so they could charge more to carry it and the station told them no. Dish just has shady practices.

  2. So tired of paying $102 dollars a month and now dish has taken off our local stations. Seriously considering a different cable company. Done with this petty crap! I want my local stations

  3. Bring back my local channels before I go elsewhere I have been a loyal for 16 years I will not miss 1 premier I will dump you

  4. I have always been happy with dish. But, right now I am extremely angry because you all can’t get your ducks in a row. New shows are starting on abc and nbc soon and dish customers have no access, yet you continue to charge outrageous prices for your services and treat your customers like dirt. I am so angry about this I am about ready to call it quits with you all and go with another provider.

  5. We too have our local channels blocked and to top it off–they are advertising on their website that the channels come with a NEW subscription. This is false advertising.

  6. I thought about suspending my service until they settle and give my stations back. They will lose money. I hope that others might do the same, pushing Dish to settle more quickly!!

  7. I just ordered Dish. I have committed to pay a lot of money monthly for the service. At no point in time during the hour long phone call for connection, was it ever mentioned that I wouldn’t be getting ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. I feel like that has to be breaking a contract on Dish’s part. That’s the only reason I even ordered TV! Premiers have started of my favorite shows and I am missing them because Dish is being petty. I’m about to cancel and switch to another company. You Dish, have broken contract with thousands+ customers!!

  8. I went back to Comcast for all the channels that dish canceled out cost about the same price

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