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Roseanne Says Why She Thinks She Was Really Fired

Jul 24, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Roseanne Barr offered a simple explanation for why she was fired by ABC and her rebooted sitcom “Roseanne” was canceled. She says it was because she voted for Donald Trump.

Here’s the statement she posted on her YouTube channel …


  1. What an idiot. What a total moron. She didn’t know Valerie Jarett was black? She didn’t know that this Obama confidant and advisor, from Chicago – the one she likened to Planet of the Apes – was African-American? What, then, did she know? Mind you, half the world had to Google Valerie Jarett just to figure out who Roseanne was talking about, but you’d think – if someone went to the trouble of Twitter trashing another human being over her role in an administration that is no longer in office – that she’d know who she was talking about.

    Throughout this whole saga of slurs, crybaby tears and sorry-not-sorry, Roseanne never explained why she picked that human being to run through with a sharpened stick. It’s an enduring mystery to this very day. I’m over the superficial questions of whether Roseanne knew that Planet of the Apes was a racial slur (If she didn’t, she’s the only one in North America) or whether she knew the person she slurred was black. If she thought Jarett was white, why use one of the meanest slurs against African-Americans? Why not call Jarett a cracker or a honky or whatever else you’d hurl at a caucasian you hate for no apparent reason? There’s no credibility at all to her bargain-bin mea culpa.

    I’d rather hear what Jarett ever did to Roseanne to merit any abuse in the first place. I’d like to know Jarett ever did to anybody. Did she run over a cat? Did she trash the theater before Roseanne got to watch a Clint Eastwood movie? With Obama retired, what, exactly, is Jarett doing to terrorize Roseanne’s fanbase? It just doesn’t make any sense – sort of like Roseanne’s latest excuse.

    Not everybody who voted for Trump sends out defamatory tweets, starts fights with obscure figures from the White House past or reaches for the most racist slurs she can find – then acts surprised when nobody wants to stand next to her in the photo. This is not about how she voted in November of 2016. It’s about what she did – not Trump or any of that cast of characters – in 2018.

  2. Agree totally with the above comment

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