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Why Bernie Sanders Is Going After Disney CEO Bob Iger

Jul 13, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Bernie Sanders went after Disney CEO Bob Iger late last week, with the Vermont senator sending out a tweet Friday pointing out the pay disparity at Disney. You can see his tweet below.

Deadline notes that Iger’s pay package has been estimated by Institutional Shareholder Services to be worth as much as $423 million over the next four years if Iger hits all of his performance goals.

“This is not the first time Sanders has targeted Disney,” Deadline notes. “At a campaign event in Anaheim in May, he used the media conglomerate as Exhibit A in what he calls a ‘rigged economy.’”


  1. Where does Bernie come up with this stuff? If this sort of stuff was happening to Disney workers, I have no doubt Disney’s competitors would be having a field day with it.

    • It’s actually true but Bernie still annoys me.

  2. How many homes does Bernie own? Why doesn’t he use one to shelter the homeless?

  3. I guess this means that Bernie is responsible for ALL the homeless people in the country because he’s a United States Senator you know !!! I’ll just sit here and wait for NBC, CBS and CNN to call him on this. Still waiting… Heck, I doubt ABC has the stones to call Bernie out. Hahhaahaha !

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