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Why Charlie Sheen Says He Can Relate to Roseanne Barr

Jul 30, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Charlie Sheen says he can relate to the situation Roseanne Barr finds herself in after she was fired by ABC and her sitcom “Roseanne” was canceled over a racist tweet.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Sheen talked about the situation in a new interview today for Australia’s “Kyle and Jackie O” show.

“I can relate to that tone of absolute despair, because it’s not just about herself, it’s about the people that she knows she affected as well,” Sheen said in the interview. “What I hear in her voice, trying not to focus on the words but the emotion, is I hear the frustration, pain, there’s such a sadness there.”

Sheen added: “The thing that is a little bit sad is that when someone does melt, everything good they have ever done that has entertained millions of people is always forgotten.”

The report notes that Sheen appeared to rub it in after Barr’s sitcom was canceled, sending an “adios ‘Roseanne'” tweet. He apologized for it during the interview.

“I shouldn’t have said ‘Roseanne good riddance’ because whatever happened she’s been nothing but nice to me in the past so that part I would delete,” Sheen said.


  1. Of course they can both relate.

    They’re both lousy actors (and jerks).

  2. DL … whatever !

    I’ve known the Sheens for many years … a real Hollywood legacy
    and talent rich family … especially Charlie (although he has his
    own demons so to speak).

    Roseanne Barr is a one hit wonder from the 80s who does not
    know when to say “Quit” … time to go back to the Ozarks for
    her to live her life out as a moonshiner ….

  3. Oh bullshit you know him… he’s a mess man. He needs to get his shit together or just go away man.

  4. HA HA HA.. I do not even have to read this.. They BOTH ARE TRASH!

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