Death of a Hollywood Studio: Leonard Maltin Pays Tribute to 20th Century Fox

Aug 2, 2018  •  Post A Comment

On the heels of the July 27 sale of 20th Century Fox’s entertainment assets to Disney, film historian and author Leonard Maltin has a piece running in The Hollywood Reporter that revisits the historic studio’s “wild early days, a predator mogul, firings and backstabbings, and along the way, movies from ‘Cleopatra’ to ‘Titanic’ (and movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Temple) that impacted the world.”

“Even in this age of megamergers and acquisitions, one has to marvel at the ‘origin story’ of 20th Century Pictures,” Maltin writes. “For one thing, it was financed, in 1933, by the top brass of MGM — president Nicholas Schenck and studio chief Louis B. Mayer (who was looking for a studio job for his aspiring producer son-in-law, William Goetz, just not at MGM) — with no idea how their little side project would soon grow into a formidable rival.”

For a look back at the studio’s compelling story in words and pictures, we encourage readers to click on the link above to THR to see the full feature.


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