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Here’s a Look at Michael Moore’s Anti-Trump Project

Aug 9, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Filmmaker Michael Moore clearly has an agenda in mind with his upcoming movie, and he has made it clear that his goal is to remove Donald Trump from the White House. The latest insights into his plans can be found in the trailer released today for “Fahrenheit 11/9.”

The movie is due in theaters Sept. 21. Here’s the trailer …


  1. If Moore is really such a great filmmaker, why doesn’t he set himself the goal of making a film that will actually change peoples’ minds? This won’t change anyone’s mind and will get rid of Trump as much as pouring gas on a fire will put it out.

    Which leads me to conclude that Moore is either incredibly stupid or knows exactly what he’s doing… which is scarier than him being incredibly stupid. What would you think of someone intentionally yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater. It’s like a five year old poking an anthill with a stick. Only it’s not a five year old.

    Provocateurs have no conscience.

  2. Moore is an over-rated slob.

  3. People like Moore need to leave Lord Trump alone … its about time that a fearless leader like Mr. Trump comes along and gets our country back on track … I am so tired of the claim of democracy and freedom in our USA … with Lord Trump, I look forward to his goal of merging with Russia … the New USSA under the leadership of our own Lord Trump will soon rule the world … Long Live the United Social States of America … and Heil Trump!

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