More than 20 States Push for Reinstatement of Net Neutrality Rules

Aug 21, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“A group of 22 state attorneys general and the District of Columbia late Monday asked a U.S. appeals court to reinstate the Obama administration’s 2015 landmark net neutrality rules and reject the Trump administration’s efforts to preempt states from imposing their own rules guaranteeing an open internet,” Reuters reports.

“The states, led by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, filed a lawsuit in January after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted in December along party lines to reverse rules that barred internet service providers from blocking or throttling traffic or offering paid fast lanes, also known as paid prioritization,” the report adds. “Several internet companies filed a separate legal challenge on Monday to overturn the FCC ruling, including Mozilla Corp, Vimeo Inc, Etsy Inc, and numerous media and technology advocacy groups.”

The report adds: “The FCC handed sweeping new powers to internet providers to recast how Americans use the internet — as long as they disclose any changes. The new rules took effect in early June but major providers have made no changes in internet access.”


  1. So 20 < 25, not even half.

    The FCC made the right decision.

  2. Big internet providers are against Net Neutrality because it prevents them from basically gouging their customers for all that they can get. Many internet customers only have one broadband provider available to them (if that), and that company is free to run roughshod over their customers knowing that they can get away with it. A huge majority of the population wants Net Neutrality…but politicians are only interested in favoring their corporate buddies.

  3. As always, the interest groups and government are years behind technology. In the next five years, 5G is going to roll out around the country and broadband will become as obsolete as standard definition. Traditional cable is already in free-fall. You are seeing the phone companies already setting themselves up for this revolution, introducing more over the air delivery. AT&T offers Directv, The others are offering various packages with free HBO, Netflix or HULU. And cell companies also have packages with free Amazon Fire, Apple TV, ROKU, Chromecast, and other players. The reality is that net neutrality is going to be necessary if the broadband providers are going to stay in business. Consumers will have more options than they have ever had for internet at speeds comparable to broadband. But unlike broadband, it will travel with the consumer wherever they go.

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