Rosie O’Donnell Is Getting Accosted in Public Because People Are Mistaking Her for … Roseanne Barr

Aug 6, 2018  •  Post A Comment

One person who has been paying a price for that controversial Valerie Jarrett tweet that was sent out by Roseanne Barr — the tweet that got her ABC sitcom “Roseanne” canceled — is comedian and TV personality Rosie O’Donnell.

O’Donnell, whose outspoken political views are pretty much at the opposite end of the spectrum from those that have been espoused lately by Barr, says she has been having trouble with people who are mistaking her for Barr.

In a wide-ranging interview with Variety, O’Donnell said: “I have been in Boston and people have mistaken me for her. It’s been really intense. I’ve had black and brown people come over to me and say, ‘You’re not so funny now? You going to say it in front of me, Roseanne?’ And I’m like, ‘Actually I’m Rosie O’Donnell. I’m the one who loves Tom Cruise and hates Donald Trump.’”

O’Donnell said she and Barr remain on OK terms despite their political differences. “We’re friendly,” she told Variety. “We talk on the phone. I reached out to her when she first sent that tweet and I encouraged her to delete it and to really look inside herself to find out where that was coming from. And she did say to me moments after it was up and before it was even deleted exactly what she said to everyone else, that she didn’t know Valerie Jarrett was black and that she was talking about the Iran arms deal or I don’t even know what she was talking about.”

O’Donnell also said: “Roseanne and I have vastly different political views although many years ago we did not. We were very aligned.”

We encourage readers to click on the link above to Variety to read the full interview.


  1. Understandable – they do look somewhat alike and they’re both outspoken and ignorant.

  2. Maybe now that Rosie has experienced it herself, she will talk to her friends in the Democratic party and have them stop the attacks against anyone who espouses a different view than the democratic line.

  3. Wow! I couldn’t believe that all this time i had mistaken Rosie with Roseanne … I just saw Rosie on CNN with Cuomo and had to finally do some research. Although they do look alike and both their names are similar and refer to a Rose …. Rosie is no doubt the actress i like.

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