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Trump vs. Omarosa: She Says Proof Exists That He Used the N-Word During Their ‘Apprentice’ Days — The White House Says She’s Lying

Aug 10, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Former White House staffer and “Apprentice” fixture Omarosa Manigault Newman is hearing it from the Trump administration after alleging in her memoir that tape exists on which Donald Trump repeatedly uses the N-word while taping “The Apprentice.”

“She also claims that she personally witnessed Trump use racial epithets about the White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway, who is half Filipino,” the U.K. publication The Guardian reports. “‘Would you look at this George Conway article?’ she quotes the president as saying. ‘F**ing FLIP! Disloyal! Fucking Goo-goo.’”

The Guardian reportedly obtained a copy of Omarosa’s memoir, “Unhinged,” ahead of publication. The book is due out Aug. 14.

The White House issued a harsh response to Omarosa’s allegations. White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders put out a statement saying: “Instead of telling the truth about all the good President Trump and his administration are doing to make America safe and prosperous, this book is riddled with lies and false accusations. It’s sad that a disgruntled former White House employee is trying to profit off these false attacks, and even worse that the media would now give her a platform, after not taking her seriously when she had only positive things to say about the President during her time in the administration.”

Omarosa discusses her sudden exit from the White House in “Unhinged.” The Guardian quotes a passage in which she writes: “It had finally sunk in that the person I’d thought I’d known so well for so long was actually a racist. Using the N-word was not just the way he talks but, more disturbing, it was how he thought of me and African Americans as a whole.”

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  1. It’s interesting that Sanders’ response doesn’t actually say that any of the particular claims that Omarosa made are false, instead choosing to just make a broad attack on Omarosa in return.

    The funny thing is that both Omarosa and the Trump people are probably right when it comes to describing the other. Omarosa impresses me as being pretty much in it for herself, just like Trump. In the end, I trust little that either of them say.

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