Who Is the Enemy of the People, Trump or the Press? A New Survey Asked the Question — Here Are the Results

Aug 17, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A new survey asked the question, “Which do you consider to be more ‘the enemy of the people’?,” with the possible answers being The Media, President Trump or Neither. The results were pretty close.

The survey of 400 U.S. adults, conducted Aug. 16 by MediaPost’s Research Intelligencer and Pollfish, produced the following result:

Which do you consider to be more “the enemy of the people”?

  • President Trump: 43.8%
  • The Media: 42.0%
  • Neither: 14.3%

MediaPost adds: “A significantly higher percentage of Americans (57.5%) said it is ‘dangerous for President Trump to call American journalists the “enemy of the people.”’ Only 28.3% said it’s not, while 14.3% said they weren’t sure.”

Click on the link above to MediaPost for additional survey results.


  1. I will say it in Five Words —

    01 – Trump
    02 – Trump
    03 – Trump
    04 – Trump
    05 – Trump

    …. Five answers to who is the biggest enemy of America … and the Planet !

  2. It’s the media, as the news media is no longer, they’re propaganda pushers for the DNC.

    Trump is the greatest President since Reagan.

    Jimmy Carter has to be thankful for Obama, as he relieved Carter of the title of worst President of the last 100 years.

  3. The press is embarrassed that they are responsible for putting Trump in office. Their wall to wall coverage gave him the GOP nomination and the election. Now they continue to be manipulated by him on a daily basis. Let’s not provide any coverage of him for a full week. Then the people will see the real Trump as he gets more and more desperate for attention.

  4. Anyone saying that Trump is a great President is either delusional, or a Russian bot/hacker. No one in their right mind would ever consider Trump great at anything except excessive hubris.

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