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Why Are So Many of Abby Huntsman’s Fans Upset That She’s Joining ‘The View’?

Aug 30, 2018  •  Post A Comment

The decision by “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Abby Huntsman to join ABC’s “The View” has drawn what Decider.com calls “massive backlash” — and apparently viewers on both ends of the political spectrum are upset.

“Since announcing her decision, the former Fox News host has received intense backlash from fans who feel that she’s ‘making a deal with the devil’ by joining the left-leaning talk show,” the website reports, noting that Huntsman got blowback on Instagram after posting a photo of herself with her co-hosts on “The View,” Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg.

You can see Hunstman’s Instagram post below.

“The comments beneath the photo are filled with angry messages from right-leaning viewers, many of whom feel that, even though Hunstman will serve as a conservative voice at the table alongside McCain, she’s deserting her party by joining ‘The View,'” Decider notes.

One commenter is quoted in the report writing: “Really? Your joining that failing show??” Another is quoted writing: “Bad mistake Abby. Sorry. No Republicans will watch so there goes your fans. The Dems over there in that goofy audience and viewers will hate you.”

But the report also spotlights a number of social media messages from viewers on the left expressing their unhappiness with the move.

One Twitter user writes of “The View”: “Yeah, they’re adding Abby Huntsman former ‘Fox and Friends’ chickadee. I’m definitely not watching anymore. @meghanMccain is beyond terrible and now this.”

Writes another Twitter user: “If she’s another agent of Trump’s then she can stay at Fox. We don’t need anymore divisive, delusional and out of touch people spewing garbage to us on my fave talk show, #TheView.”

Here’s Huntsman’s Instagram post from earlier this week announcing the move …


  1. Lousy career move!

  2. She’s a babe. Leave her alone.

  3. Will forget who she is…really liked her on Fox weekend show, but will NOT watch ‘the view’, so her career will fade away. Every conservative that has joined that show has left after short period…because u have to share screen with whoopi and joy..kill me please!

  4. The View is one of my favorite shows and I am mature enough and will continue to watch the conversation/debate between the two sides. That’s the problem now, because we don’t sit down and talk to each other, we talk around, behind, and past each other. There are Snowflakes on both sides that just refuse to reason, problem solve, and have a dialogue. I like the intensity and passion on both sides. Meghan will have a little help this season, but I like the battle tested OG’s

    • There is no talking or any view but whoopi’s. She even said that unless she approves a guest, they will not appear. You think she actually wants another opinion? She thinks her crap doesn’t stink. You think you are mature and can handle listening to both sides? There is no other side, and the “panel” is squewed as well as the entire audience to her liberal platform. This lady hasn’t a chance of a snowball in hell of every “sharing” her point of view.

      • Bitter old lady is not healthy . But then again you love draft dodging Russian puppet criminal yeah go figure

        • Your an EFFing Idiot

        • You r a real idiot. No basis for what you say. Your remarks are truly what we call fake news

      • I agree with you Bonnie. Whoopie is the boss and everyone bows down to her. Abby won’t be there long.They all leave and come back to Fox. Look at Jedidiah. I don’t think Fox should take them back. Abby is a traitor. I won’t watch the view and good riddance Abby. The only time I watch the view is every year or so I turn it on to see if Whoopie is still wearing that same white man tailored shirt that she wears everyday.

    • I agree with you. Great message.

    • Who are calling snowflake? You’re a loser watching that show. That show is trash who everyday trash my President. When they do, the audience cheer for their comments. All democrats are losers and who now can’t take the WIN of this President? All of view hosts are hilary supporters and losers cuz hilary is a loser! WTF! Go home and flake away.

  5. I agree with Myra!!! We need to understand both sides. Welcome!!

  6. I loved her on Fox I do not watch the View. I am afraid that show will be on much longer which will result in her being jobless or going to one of the other networks as a contributor. Either way, I wish her well. Be happy Abby Huntman.

  7. Watching The View helps me to maintain my sanity in a deplorable period in our history. The comments from the Fox viewers reinforce that they are totally out of touch with reality and living in an alternate universe.

    • Out of touch!? If liberal media says the word monkey is racist , they are the ones claiming monkey describes a race. But liberal supporters are such robots that liberal talking heads can insult without you even noticing

    • Jean you’re the deplorable! Watch your sick show. FOX NEWS is honest and balanced so watch your Clinton News Network and watch my President WIN again in 2020 you LOSER!

  8. It is time for the MEDIA to stop reporting on all the trolls commenting on ANTI-SOCIAL media. If Abby Huntsman wants to work for THE VIEW, good for her and best of luck. Why do media outlets feel it is so necessary to report on the comments of mostly demented morons who have nothing better to do than attack and hurt people???? If MEDIA would ignore these people more, they’d probably crawl back into their holes and rot away as they should. ANTI-SOCIAL Media has done more to damage the spirit and decency of this country than anything except drugs.

  9. I don’t understand why she made this switch this is the worst television show on television and it is extremely liberal. I don’t even consider Meghan McCain to be very conservative. It is a filthy program. I am just astonished that she is doing this and so are my friends. I don’t know of anyone personally that watches that nasty show and I think it’s a bad career move for her. But I naively thought she was a conservative but she is for abortion.

  10. Who gives a shit about those cackling idiots on The View. Utterly irrelevant show to anyone with an IQ over 80 which may explain why it’s so popular with Democrats.

    • I 100% agree with you Jock. Good job!

  11. Seriously people we shop at same stores, eat at same restaurants, buy gas at same stations, send kids to same schools, lose loved ones, love our country, give help to each other in emergencies without caring what party we support. All blessed to live together peacefully in a country we love. In the grand scheme of things life’s short. United we stand. Do good and live your life making things better. We don’t know what is in every heart or what hardships people live with. EVERYTHING is a choice. Be kind. Hate spoils the time we have on the planet. Watch, don’t watch. It’s a TV show. You have a choice. Kiss your kids. See a movie. Dance and make the most of what you have. Smile

    • Amen. Jenine, what a beautiful message you wrote. So many folks could benefit from your wisdom. Life is short, and we never know what that other person is going through unless we walk a mile in their shoes. I happen to love this show, and like you said, “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Thank you for saying such an important message, theresa

    • What a wonderful commentary you’ve written Jenine Flood. Life is short indeed, but it’s unfortunate that basic kindness & decency seems lost now, by so many in their day to day lives. I almost never comment on these comment-threads, but your profoundly positive optimism deserves recognition … it touched my heart, I hope others as well

    • This is one of the best posts I have seen in a long time. You should copy and paste it everywhere! Thanks for being so awesome!!!

  12. Great! I’m a Lefty, but things will be more balanced and it’ll be interesting to hear both sides and see where the logic comes from on their views. I really enjoy hearing Megan McCain and have a lot of respect for her, though I heartily disagree with her most of the time. She keeps the tradition that her Father carried of being respectful while disagreeing! Let’s have much much MORE of that! Of course I LOVE Whoopie, Joy and Sunny!

    • Peg, I love your name. That is what my Dad called my Mama. I agree with you. We need to hear both sides of the story to understand the truth. I also love Whoopi, Joy and Sunny. This show wouldn’t be the same without them. I really miss Barbara. What you said about Megan, I feel the same way. There are a lot of things I do not agree with, however she is so much like her Dad, very respectful. My prayers are with her and her family at this time. Her Dad is a Hero!!!

  13. This has got to be the worst show on telvision why would Abby go and degrade her self by making such an awful move.
    Come on Abby you are way better than the vulgar people on this idiotic show .

  14. I will no longer watch. I would rather for it to be Anna Navarro. I’m a dem but Anna knows her stuff and uses logic, not all that emotional whining like @Meghan McCain. Leave Hunt at FOX, pleaseee.

  15. This shows the very real polarization that shows like this cause on both sides of the aisle. Everyone is now intolerant of anyone else that has a divergent view. Joy Bahar et all have lead the divisiveness by their sanctimonious derision of everyone that has a view other than their dogma. It is amazing that anyone will go on the show to be pilloried and attacked by these old crows.

  16. I won’t see her again, I suppose. I never watch that mindless show. called The View! Too much yelling, screaming and interrupting.

  17. Can this country be anymore divisive. I hope this crap makes you proud folks, trump foes not care about you. Vote for what I believe and not what someone else tells me to. Never watched god so so not know this person and will probably disagree with her, bit get your money lady!

  18. BIG mistake Abby !! We NEVER watch THAT show and NEVER will !!! They are nasty, stupid & ignorant women !! That sbow should’ve been taken off the air a long time ago !!! You are too nice of a person to sit down with those bitch witches !! Bye bye Abby , we will miss you!!

  19. The women or snags from the view aren’t even mature enough to have a debate!!! GTFOH!!!

    • The women or scags from the view aren’t even mature enough to have a debate!!! GTFOH!!!

  20. Congratulations, Abby! I am a huge fan of this show- I record it daily. I don’t always agree with all of them, but enjoy their views! That is why it is called the VIEW! I love the right leaning position that Meghan takes, it adds a unique balance to the table and Abby will do just that. As Joy once said, it makes for great tv to have two different sides there to speak. I am excited for season 22! Joy cracks me up, literally sometimes has me in stitches! Sharp lady! Best hair on tv.

    • Matt, all I can say is, Amen. I totally agree with you. Really looking forward to the new season.

  21. I’ve not watched the View since Elizabeth left.. and I’m a former Democratic!!!!! When all you get is people like Rosie o’donnell and your watching the Obamas and there’s no respect of any kind.. not the way I was raised… I can take anyones opinions and RESPECT them for there differences.. But, there’s a dis respect for mine !!! Why did I go from Democratic to Republican ??? You have no idea and you were to stupid to ask why??? You have no idea what my Blood line is ??? Or isn’t.

  22. I wished Abby well. I’ve been a fan since she first went on Fox. I was very surprised by her moving to the View. I dont think it’s a great move for Conservatives who seem to leave after short period of time there. I wish her luck. Could be the best looking woman on TV.

  23. Won’t see Abbey again i guess.
    I can’t stand that show or the people on it.
    A bunch of has beens as far as i am concerned. You can’t be a conservative and be on the view, period. Whoopie and Joy Behar are nasty women with nothing left to their careers. I could go on for days but what would be the point. I guess Abbey really was the left all along. Hate that cackling hen show. Hatefull Losers.

  24. Best hair!!
    To bad there isn’t anything under it!

  25. Whoopi, joyless Joy and Sunny are truly ugly inside and outside – all mean-spirited and do not respect other people’s point of view.

    Whoopi thinks she’s very smart and that only her views are right – have a I-know-all attitude. So ugly what that wig – wonder how she looks without her wig. Same for Behar.

    Not sure if Whoopi dares to look at herself in the mirror – she will frighten herself if she does.

    All these 3 hags do not show respect for the President’s position and keeps denigrating him. Yet President Donald Trump has the last laugh as he’s richer than the wealth of the 3 hags combined which means that he is also way smarter than the combined brain power of the 3 hags.

    Donald Trump is POTUS whereas the 3 hags are NOBODIES but think highly of themselves. It will do the 3 hags good to eat humble pie for a month.

    #MAGA 🙂

  26. She will become McCain, more a liberal then represent a conservative!

  27. Frankly I’d think show is a lot better out on street in the ghetto then view look at joy and look at whopper they are the most stiupid people on tv what a waters I ‘ll think I want soups operas better t then the view it’s a shows a bunch of old hens heaping a nd yapping that it I think I’ll watch Fox’s news instead.

  28. She will loose all reconition after leaving fox no one will know her name within 2 weeks.

  29. I also know that the only opinion that counts is Joy and Whoppies. As soon as someone says anything good about Trump, those 2 women go ballistics. Yes, without Megan’s view or opinion, they think they know everything. We need this girl from Fox to get more fire, and bring the 2 miss know it alls to get their opinions thrown off the table. Also, this show needs less commercials. They start a conversation, and 2 minutes later, they have to take s break.

  30. Abby I loved you on Fox news. Why would you work for such a gossip hen group. Way below your normal standards. I still love you!

  31. Never watch The View. Joy Behar- I would rather have root canal surgery. I don’t know who Abby Huntsman’s agent is but terrible career move. I thought she was kind of ho-hum at Fox but I wish her luck.

  32. I’m surprised she would take such a step backwards.Do not have any respect fot her and I bet her poor dad in Russia is so disappointed im her. So long will never watch again

  33. Bad career move. Loved to watch you on Fox. Never will watch you on the View

  34. Only mental defectives watch that crap anyway.

  35. At least you will have.2 beautiful ladies on the set with consciousness kknowledge brains. I’m sure she has thought it out and she made decision and I wish good luck.in her future. As for the others reallly nothing to say. The problem with them.is they just think negative about a subject. Just give the people the right to their opinion or feelings. I voted Trump there’s things I don’t agree with but I’m willing to handshak. I’m sure one believes. Your opinions. Good Luck another pretty face from fox gone. Well one good for the view now they will have 3 pretty ladies on the show oh and I forgot the two others forgot names they always have theirs in the air

  36. What would her great and giving Grandpa Huntsman think about this switch? Good luck Abby you will need God with you.

  37. Remember what Megan Kelly said when she was asked about the view they give you the Question and who will answer it with a reply you cannot go off script so all you hear and know is what ABC tells them what to say and put out there .. not like fox where they have a question and do there homework to answer the watchers

  38. good luck to Amy when she gets cut off like megan when whoppi loses her mind if they mention the Clinton crime wave then it become whoppi time for comment then a commercial .. and whe they come back she changes the topic unless it has the Trump name to it

  39. A suicidal career move.

  40. Latha, Are you kidding me? When the photos starts respecting the office, then maybe I will start respecting him! MAGA- MY Attorneys Are Getting Arrested

  41. Latha correction, when the potus starts respecting the office.

  42. First who told Whoopie has to approve each guest she works for the network they don’t work for her (that would be conservative Fake News) and as far a the monkey term (read your history books Black people have been called monkeys coons the N word then and now Michelle Obama was called an ape and so was President Obama in. 2008. Thru 2016 and beyond.This is not Fake News Racism is very real.

  43. It will be okay, if she comes from more of A BIBLICAL Stance, than from a political view point. JE SAID, Them that are whole, need not a physician. And, Go into ALL The World, And PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY creature.

  44. Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. Nuff said.

  45. MM is a “know-it-all’ who breaks out in hives when she starts talking over every one, and now Abby Freakin’ Huntsman! OMG! I’m a non-Mormon in Utah, a longtime viewer and yes, a democrat. Not sure how long I can hang in there with The View. It has been my favorite show for such a long time.

  46. Was a fan but the view killed that!!

  47. HUGE mistake Abby. I’ve watched Fox News because of you on the weekends. You gave the impression you had a brain and Christian values. You my dear are a pro at fake news since the impression you gave was completely false. Anyone who works for the view is not worthy of breathing up the world’s oxygen. Your decision proves you don’t have Christian values beyond any shadow of doubt. Shame on you. They offer you so much money you traded in your values for cash? It’s going to bite you in the behind before it’s over and you’ll get no sympathy from anyone with a brain. You’ve permanently lost my respect.

  48. Pity our Millennials, they are all becoming extreme leftist thanks to schools and universities, public education, Hollywood, immigration, and social media rather than any influence from their parents even if you are Jon Huntsman, United States ambassador to Russia, a Regan Republican and defender of Donald Trump. It’s obvious that Abby feels more comfortable in the company of purveyors of anti-free speech, violence, occultism disguised as diversity and the whitewashing of historv

  49. Abbey u sold your soul to the devil

  50. Btw: you showed your true colors on the last day @ f&f by faking it and so subtly stated with your daughter and husband leaving for more time with family and you were lying to cash in at a show that no one will ever watch . What a transition to tell your Daughter. Not so proud mama

  51. Wherever you go a lot of us Patriots will not watch you. You made your bed now you can lay in it. Good riddance

  52. Finally!!! A more balance panel on the View!!! I feel Megan is weak in conveying her opinions and I hope Abby will help her out. No more ganging up on the conservative!! It still isn’t equal, but at least it’s a step in the right direction for decent dialog on the points from both sides!!! Hope Whoppi stops shutting them up at every chance like she’s used to. She really needs to zip a lip when it comes to trying to correct everyone. Their view IS THEIR VIEW. Isn’t that what the show is about. Both views. Then they should get equal time!!!

  53. Let these women talk it over.
    That might help someone decide for themselves.


  55. Abby,I don’t understand why you left a very happy show to fight on another.You are not liked,I see how they look at you,with contempt,trying to really cruelty get to you,and You were not treated that way at Fox,they were your second family,you won’t get that on the view.I see you,constantly getting into it with them all,I just watched you ,and you said all the ladies were GREAT? and REAL? Maybe this is where you belong,because it’s a LIE,ABIGAIL! THE FOX PEOPLE REALLY CARED ABOUT YOU,I SEE THE DIFFERENCE AND SO DO MOST OF THE PEOPLE COMMENTING…..I WILL PRAY FOR YOU!

  56. She lied and said she was leaving Fox to focus on her children and family and BAM a new contract with the View. I would have respected her more if she said she was jumping ship to go some where else.

  57. Sad I will never see you again I would not EVER consider watching the View BAD CHOICE

  58. Abby first you should have told the truth about why you are leaving not a lie about being with family. Also I do not know if it was money that put you on that terrible show or if your friend Megan talked you into it but it was a bad move. I think a little more time you could of been full week on the fox but I guess you thought this was better. Unless you talk against our president and the conservative party you will get no where on the View. You will get booed and laughed at hope you are strong. But maybe I am wrong about you maybe you did not like our president or the people on Fox maybe your whole career was a big lie on Fox.

  59. loved her! note the lovED, sorry abby …. bye bye😝

  60. the View. the worse show on the air. one-sided on the liberal agenda. All guests are also liberal. If a conservative comes on with them once in a while. They’re looked upon like skum bags and treated horribly by Whoopie, Joyless Behar and Sunny. good Luck Abby, you’ll need it.

  61. So disappointed in abbey. I really looked up and respected this girl. I thought she was beautiful. But now everybody in my family thinks she looks ugly. I feel sorry for her daughter because she has a mother that is a liar and a hypocrite!

  62. The View is for people that need their daily fix on hating Trump. You got to have mental issues to watch a show with such hatred toward others.

  63. Abbey, you left fox and friends saying you wanted to spend more time with your family. I was shocked when I saw you sitting next to Whoopi on the view. You lied to your fans, how could you do that to your fans and fox?

  64. I commented on Abbey leaving and going to sit next to real haters. I thought about it and I really think she does not care she is getting her money and I think she could care less what we think. I never watch the View but I hope she is at least trying to stick up for the republicans and our President. But if she is a friend with Meagan McCain I doubt she will that show takes your soul like the devil. I could care less if she does good or not hopefully the show will be canceled. It is amazing to me they can say horrible things about our president and his family and Kavanaugh and still not get fired but one word from Roseann and she is gone. And the funny thing Whoppie pie went crazy on her and she does worse. And Joyless she is an insane person.

  65. This move will not effect me! The View was never turned on in my house! I wouldn’t watch anything to do with nasty liberal bitches!

  66. I too was surprised that Abbey left to join the view. I think it is good that the viewers get a more conservative view, but I have watched Abbey on the view, and have since learned that she is not a republican, more in the middle. When I watched her on the F&F she portrayed a conservative Republican. I guess you just never know.
    I hope that Megan and Abbey will stand up and not be afraid of Whoopi. I have notice that Whoopi when she talks about President Trump, she’ll say “the man at the White House, or that guy at the White House”. She will never say President Trump.
    I feel this is very disrespectful not only to President Trump but to his followers.
    If she doesn’t respect him how could she respect his followers. I was not crazy about President Obama but, I never called him the guy at the White House. Does that bother Abbey or Megan???

  67. I believe it stems from 1)She has a Republican Senator for a husband and her seeming as if she has turned her back on everyone that viewed fox and her as friends She also Joined ABC Just so the retard that never washes or combs her hair can use her as a whipping post. I Will LMAO when she finally tells it like it is and if Whoopie will let her leave the stage agter a dramatic special speech she will never lwt Abby have tp resond too!

  68. bad move will never watch you again abby -loved you on fox

  69. I watched the show several times expecting to see Abby backing Trump, but she rarely ever does. There were so many openings for her to say something and she remained silent. I was greatly disappointed in her lack of support for the Conservatives. The longer she’s on, the more she seems to be siding with the left and she’s supposed to be the Republican’s voice on the show. She’s not doing a very good job of it. I liked her better on FOX and now I have to wonder if she even actually supported Trump if it was “just a job” for her.

  70. I could not believe what I was not hearing out of ABBY’S mouth , the first time I heard her on the VIEW. I WAS SO DISAPOINTED. Speak the truth or get off the show.

  71. Please get rid of Abby Kaufman on The View…She is a snob..she’s only interested in herself..I am surprised she is on the show..all the other ladies get along well…are funny, kind and interesting…not that Abby….she gives impression that she is better than others….please take her off the show…..ASAP GPlease get Abby of The View

  72. Well Kathleen who is Kaufman? You have got to be a democrat. It’s Huntsman you dummy. Who’s deplorable now. You must watch the Clinton News Network snowflake!

  73. How all you Trump fans feeling today? Ha, ha, are the Russians coming for us? Does Megan still look like a brat in diapers swinging her legs in a high chair, maybe because she missed her noon feeding. Whhhhhawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, whaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Daddy please!!!!

  74. Is Abby Hunstman related to the little girl that plays the role of ani-cat American house wife? She resembles Abby a lot.

  75. Can’t Abby ever just shut up about being preggie she acts like she is the only one ever to have twins. Bring Ana back full time she is delightful and makes more sense than Abby. It’s all about Abby and Meghan.

  76. Abby’s face is weird looking. I often look at her face wondering what is so out of proportion or asynchronous, instead of focusing on what is being said, because her face is so distracting.- The over plumped fake lips, too narrow face, and upturned nose, has resulted in a face which is not in harmony. I realize she can’t do anything about the unfortunate face shape, but she should get a nose job and lay off the extreme lip fillers to look more normal.

  77. Hmmm 🤔 Abby is very immature and doesn’t even know it. When you join an x-rated program like the ‘VIEW you have taken a side —so stop with the nonsense that you believe in listening to both sides—-example you either believe in abortion or don’t—- isn’t it lovely when a women does not see that an unborn baby has a body THAT has rights to abd that we who believe every child is a gift from god period. did you ever really listen 👂 to all sides in this one—people who think 🤔 they listening to both sides are trying tell us they are above the rest of us in their own l’m better than you way—stop listening to the Devil 👿 he isn’t worth your time and does not care what any of us think 🤔

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