Fox News Unveils New Slogan

Sep 26, 2018  •  Post A Comment

The Fox News Channel this week is taking the wraps off a new slogan, which will be the tagline for its new Fox Nation subscription service. Variety reports tha the tagline is “Opinion Done Right.”

The service is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

“The slogan would suggest the new service, said to be aimed at Fox News ‘superfans,’ will emphasize the opinion programming that brings top ratings to the 21st Century Fox cable-news network’s primetime lineup,” Variety notes, adding: “The new catchphrase will debut Thursday night in a promo for the steaming-video outlet slated to appear during Fox Broadcasting’s ‘Thursday Night Football.’”


  1. Here’s the slogan…

    Fox News…run by idiots…reporters who are idiots…reporting on idiots.

  2. DL — Yesss! Thank you. Absolutely. Idiots INDEED.

  3. Sounds more like you’re the idiot

  4. Fox only station that gets near the truth ! CNN and MSNBC are total fake news !

  5. How about “Fox News: The state news service for the Trump administration”? That seems about right.

  6. This station is so ridiculous… The same station that edited out the world leaders and diplomats laughing at Trump during his speech… That is *literally* as FAKE as news Gets. I think we all need to a lesson in journalism and what makes fake news fake.

  7. I’m confused. I thought Fox News “superfans” were boycotting the NFL. Why run the promo during Thursday Night Football?

  8. Fox News…No News, All The Time. Government Propaganda for the Mindless.

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