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Kathy Griffin Goes After Moonves’ Wife, Julie Chen

Sep 10, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Comedian Kathy Griffin had harsh words for both former CBS boss Leslie Moonves and his wife, CBS fixture Julie Chen, the host of “Big Brother” and co-host of “The Talk.” Griffin took to Twitter over the weekend to unleash a barrage of posts about Chen and Moonves.

Among the highlights, she said she tried to get the job replacing Craig Ferguson as host of CBS’s “The Late Late Show” — a job that wound up going to James Corden. Griffin says she was told by her agents that Moonves would not consider a woman for the job.

“In early 2014 I asked my then agents (different agency from where I’m at now) if I could having a meeting at CBS about replacing Craig Ferguson. (to be clear this isn’t a ding at James Corden, I like him),” Griffin tweeted Sunday. “My agents told me that Leslie wasn’t going to consider any women for the spot. Yes, they met with a few women, but they weren’t actually going to hire a woman is what I was told. Welcome to reality!”

Earlier in her series of posts, Griffin had plenty to say about Chen, including this message: “And then this clip of Julie speaking so smugly about Janet Jackson in 2017 really set me off. Julie knew her husband helped to destroy Janet’s career and this is how she speaks?”

Griffin’s tweet includes this link to a clip on Twitter.

Griffin followed up with a tweet saying: “After the conversations I had earlier this week, I sent this message to Julie Chen last Thursday. Make no mistake, Leslie still has a ton of power and I’m going to pay for this dearly. And that’s what he and his cohorts in this town do to women in the business.

“You know what Julie? I’ve change[d] my mind. Fuck you and your misogynistic husband. You two deserve each other. Oh, and tell him Kathy fucking Griffin said hello. Bye bitch.”

In a later tweet, Griffin wrote: “So Les Moonves is heading out of CBS…will anything change? Nope. People still remain silent and women are still blacklisted every day. I can promise you if I asked any number of people I know who are in entertainment and successful to speak out about Leslie they wouldn’t!”


  1. Ha! Good! Not a Chen fan at all!

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