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Megyn Kelly Disputes NBC’s Position on Handling of Weinstein Story

Sep 4, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Megyn Kelly is disputing the version of events offered by her bosses at NBC on the network’s handling of Ronan Farrow’s investigation into the Harvey Weinstein story, Decider reports. In her coverage of the story today, Kelly reportedly said actress Rose McGowan went on the record to Farrow with her allegation that Weinstein had raped her.

“Returning to air after the long Labor Day weekend — which was anything but a quiet holiday weekend for NBC News, after multiple reports broke regarding the news organization’s handling of Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein reporting — Kelly told her viewers that McGowan and former producer Rich McHugh both claimed to her that McGowan went on the record and NBC News chose not to run the story,” Decider reports.

The report quotes Kelly saying on the air: “Late last night, Rose McGowan and Rich McHugh, the former NBC producer, both challenged that assertion, telling ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ that McGowan did go on the record with NBC in February 2017, after that on-camera interview with Farrow, and that she did name Harvey Weinstein as her rapist.”

Here’s a clip from this morning’s show, posted by NBC …


  1. So?? What’s her point??

  2. Aha, the FOX mole finally surfaces. Looks like Andy really did get sucker-punched.

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