Not Funny to Him: ESPN Host Fumes as ‘Major Personal News’ About Him Comes Out

Sep 14, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A well-known ESPN personality was clearly upset on the air as he found out the story of his engagement had been broken without his permission. The New York Post reports that Dan Le Batard apparently wasn’t ready for the news to come out.

“The Miami-based radio and television personality is engaged to Valerie Scheide, his girlfriend of two years, Greg Cote of the Miami Herald reported … with neither Le Batard’s permission nor knowledge,” The Post reports. “Le Batard, 49, wasn’t aware that Cote, once a close friend, was running the story until his producers vaguely told him about the report just before recording began, leaving him livid.”

You can see the clip below.

The Post quotes Le Batard saying: “I am scared. Who’s gonna read it? My texts are blowing up. I’m getting a lot of congratulations as Greg Cote, without my permission, has reported something very few people knew.”

Le Batard added: “I’m mad right now and hurt and it’s funny. I can’t dispute that this man does whatever he wants, selfishly. But here’s the funniest part about it: What a crappy story in terms of news, ‘journalism news,’ that I’m getting married, and yet it’s the biggest scoop of Greg Cote’s career — that’s how bad a journalist he is.”

Here’s the clip …


  1. Le Batard is a delplorable windbag and it’s hard to believe that Scheide would want to commit to such a tool. He’s been in the media for years and has blabbed about everyone else’s personal lives. All Cote did was report a fact about the engagement, which Le Batard should have treated as a compliment rather than some invasion of privacy. Since Le Batard has been set off by something so trivial should be a red flag for Scheide.

  2. You are missing the point he had a conversation with Cody the night before and respectfully asked him to please do not report it he wanted the news to break how he and his fiance wanted it everything you mentioned has nothing to do with what happened

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