Scientists Gave Ecstasy to Octopuses and What Happened Was Profound: It’s Our Non-TV Story of the Week

Sep 21, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A group of scientists wanted to find out whether octopuses would respond in a similar way to humans when given the drug MDMA, versions of which are known as molly or ecstasy. Gizmodo reports that the researchers were surprised by what happened.

“On lower doses, one animal ‘looked like it was doing water ballet,’ swimming around with outstretched arms,” the story reports. “Another spent part of the time doing flips, and another seemed especially interested in minor sounds and smells.”

The usually solitary animals also appeared to become more social.

“After hanging out in a bath containing ecstasy, the animals moved to a chamber with three rooms to pick from: a central room, one containing a male octopus and another containing a toy,” Gizmodo reports, adding: “Before MDMA, the octopuses avoided the male octopus. But after the MDMA bath, they spent more time with the other octopus, according to the study published in Current Biology. They also touched the other octopus in what seemed to be an exploratory, rather than aggressive, manner.”

We encourage readers to click on the link above to Gizmodo to read the full story.

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  1. There is another lower life form in the White House that would be the ultimate Lab Rat for tests like this … it would be great to see that creature climbing the walls while zoned out on “X” or LSD …

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