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Trump Goes After NBC, Hints at Challenge to Network’s Broadcast License

Sep 4, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump had harsh words for NBC this week, going after the network as it struggles to defend itself over its handling of the Harvey Weinstein story. In a tweet Tuesday morning, which you can see below, Trump said the network is “fumbling around making excuses for their probably highly unethical conduct.”

He attacked NBC’s journalistic standards, saying they’re “worse than even CNN,” and hinted at the possibility of taking a “look” at NBC’s broadcast license.

Here’s his tweet …


  1. Did Trump ever take an English class?

  2. NBC itself does NOT have a license. In fact, NBC is really Comcast. The only licenses are for individual tv stations that are owned and operated by Comcast.

  3. Twitter should take away Trumps account…oh wait….it’s owned by the Russian oligarchs.

  4. That Donald Trump would dare to utter the words: “highly unethical conduct” is the best joke of the century.
    But what’s equally amazing is how the news media continues to report his nonsense without challenge.

  5. The prevalent perversion and abominations committed by members of the biblically denoted “Synagogue of Satan,” Ezekiel 38:11’s “Gog” long attacking Our Holy Nation’s “country of unwalled villages,” is engendered by their institutionalized ritual sodomy of their innocent toddlers, inculcated through anal stimulation to orgasm by rabbis as “gods chosen by “God” (viz. Lucifer) to rule the world” for satanic cult consciousness shared with their fellow child-sodomizing Christ-killing psychopaths of “Babylon,” “to lie to, cheat, rob, enslave, and kill, with impunity” all “Gentiles” (viz. Americans) by weekly liturgical rote in “Jewish” synagogues and day schools preached and taught across America: the Bible’s actual prophesied “Zion,” fulfilling all of the Bible’s given signs for God’s “Promised Land,” the Hebrew prophet Isaiah’s “Israel Restored” “founded by the Root of Jesse” “in express covenant with the perfect Creator of the universe” “into which all nations flow.”

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    • Sarcasm?

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