CNN Mum About Anchor’s Controversial Comment

Oct 31, 2018  •  Post A Comment

CNN isn’t commenting about a remark made by one of its anchors that has angered conservatives. The AP cites a CNN spokeswoman saying today that neither the network nor the anchor, Don Lemon, would be commenting on Lemon’s statement from Monday’s installment of his show.

Lemon, who hosts “CNN Tonight,” ruffled feathers when he said white men represent the biggest terrorist threat in the country.

“He was talking about the negative attention given to a caravan of potential refugees in Central Americam” the AP reports. “Meanwhile, white men are the suspects in recent shootings of two blacks in Kentucky and at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.”

Lemon is quoted saying: “We have to stop demonizing people and realize that the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.”


  1. Sadly, he’s not wrong — if you look at the overwhelming majority of mass shooters, they’re white men. So he’s being asked to apologize for telling the truth.

  2. I agree with you Tom…we edge closer to a civil war in the U.S. every time this “president” makes a pronouncement.

  3. Lemon is a racist, and cnn is complicit for employing him.

  4. Deb: Trump is a racist and we are complicit for continuing to employ him.

    • Yes! Thank you for that correction, Tom!!!

  5. Don Lemon is right. I don’t like his program or his “style” or manner, but he’s telling the truth. And by the way, LONG LIVE CNN!

  6. Lemon is correct. Ignorant white men, Trump supporters in their misplaced anger and stupidity, continue to be the biggest threat to this nation.

  7. Wow! So many racists on here.
    Let’s look at the definition:
    RACIST: showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of certain races, or believing that any particular race is superior or inferior to another.
    Yes, if you say Don Lemon’s comments are “correct” you are a racist. Don’t argue with me, argue with Merriam Webster.

    • Bobby. It’s fact not racism. Is it racist if I’m saying it myself?
      White man in 50s.

      • You’re either playing the fool, hoping to be eaten last.

        Or you think you’re cool, edgy and WOKE.

        But mostly you’re a moron, skin color having nothing to do with it.

        • “Eaten last” by who? WTF are you even talking about? We’re all people, not animals. If you want to talk in terms of animalistic behaviour: Fact is, there’s only one group of people, along with their SOs and their families, talking about forming armed militias against people fleeing from violence for our country’s help. You can acknowledge that and think for once in your life, or you can stay staunch in your braindead us vs them mentality; forever playing the victim to those actually less fortunate than you. That’s your choice

  8. anyone who generalizes any group “white men”, “black men”, etc. is ignorant.

    • Deb.
      Sometimes people are too dumb to know they are dumb. Sit with it.

  9. Don Lemon might still be picking cotton and looking wistfully at that special chair on the front porch if not for white men.

    Newsflash: The Chinese did not free the American slaves.

    Newsflash: Slavery continues throughout Africa, under the banner of “The Religion of Peace.”

    But by all means, carry on with the flashy virtue-signalling, you witless no-nothings.

  10. A racist, by definition is, “A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another” — Oxford Dictionary.

    So how can someone justify what Don Lemon said as not being a racist comment, when he accused every white male (1/5th of the US population) of being “… the biggest terror threat in this country ..”? Does he have personal experience with each of the 60 million citizens comprising this demographic? Can he present corroborated facts substantiating his claim? If not, then he made a sweeping judgement on people he has never encountered. Ergo … he pre-judged an entire group of people from another race before he got to know them.

    As a person of African descent who has lived in America, to include the deep South, for more than half a century, I can recognize racism with I see and hear it, regardless of the hue of the person who committed the act. What stunned me is Don Lemon wasn’t phased by what he said, to include recognizing the person he was talking to is supposedly one of those 60 million threateners of terror.

  11. Lemmon is correct? How? If you are black you must agree with another black. Megyn Kelly was fired. How come we have a second set of standards for blacks? Sorry, in calling bs.

  12. It is the only way blacks can claim power by crying racism because when they do so, it is merely their right. F off. Seriously.

  13. Let’s just look at Chicago and black men who are doing ALL of the killing. Poor saps with their indoctrination into victim hood. It is every one else’s fault.

  14. Of course CNN is “mum.” How can you defend the indefensible?? Sadly, there are quite a few people who took the time to comment here that can’t seem to see that what he said is clearly racist and inflammatory. I don’t know if people are just that ignorant or if it’s something we have to chalk up to TDS, but SOMETHING has short circuited their ability to reason. Don Lemon should be fired for what he said. Megan Kelly just got fired for far less. It also shows how hollow CNN’s “pleading” for civility is. It’s O.K. for THEIR on air talent to say despicable things, just not anyone else with a differing viewpoint. I’ll bet nearly every one posting here is employed by some kind of media (probably TV). We should ALL be disheartened and embarrassed by what “the media” has become.

  15. How can Don work with those “white racists” Anderson Cooper and Werner Wolf?

  16. The Democrats need the black vote to win. Period. So throwing gas on the racial fire is a political strategy and CNN, chicken noodle, is not going to say anything about it.

  17. Fire your fascist employee don lemon ,no place for a racist person on t.v. , if a white journalist said that he would be fired right then ,now you wonder why no one watches cnn.

  18. He’s a smart guy, but I can’t watch him, he is so racist isn’t funny. He’s right there with Joy Behar. The two of them should get married, they would be in racial Harmony. She’s number than a pounded thumb and says the most stupid things I’ve ever heard, and yet she still there, Trucking on. I’ve lost so much faith in these last seventy years… oh, by the way, I’m one of those white racist, evidently.

  19. No! This guy is not correct, comments like this only continue the separation of people. Our president is not racist. He is for all people, including white middle class, which America seems to be forgetting . I have no issue with helping those in need, demographics of where people live and income should be considered more than color of skin. God made all people, Jesus is for all of people, I love all people and this is just very sad and we should leave God to judge and work together. Stop twisting this to fit the agenda of your politics and this is meant for all parties. We have to share this world together.

  20. Question ? Did he get fired? Because anyone that makes any comments about Black- face or any comment at all (example )regarding Metoo movement. Megan Kelly, I am not even a fan? Gets some kind of backlash or fired………..

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