Disney Unveils the Film Executives It Will Bring Aboard From 20th Century Fox

Oct 18, 2018  •  Post A Comment

The Walt Disney Co. revealed the names of the film executives it plans to bring to the company from 20th Century Fox as part of its upcoming $71.3 billion acquisition of much of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets, Variety reports.

“Twentieth Century Fox Film vice chairman Emma Watts, Fox 2000 chief Elizabeth Gabler, and Fox Searchlight co-heads Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley will be making the move to the Mouse House. As expected, 20th Century Fox Film Chairman and CEO Stacey Snider will not join her colleagues. Snider has yet to announce future plans,” Variety reports.

The report also notes: “In addition, Andrea Miloro and Robert Baird, the co-presidents of Fox Animation, and Vanessa Morrison, the president of Fox Family, will continue on under the Disney ownership. Watts, Gabler, Gilula, and Utley will report to Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn. Miloro, Baird, and Morrison will report to Horn and Watts.”

Variety adds: “Disney did not give the Fox executives new titles, nor did it fully explain what roles they would play. A major question in the pending acquisition is what form, if any, the Fox label will retain in the new structure. The announcement provided little answers, but Horn expressed delight in a statement that the incoming executives would join him ‘under the umbrella’ of Walt Disney Studios.”


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