Here’s a Look at the Kanye West-Donald Trump Meeting — With Annotations and Commentary

Oct 12, 2018  •  Post A Comment

In case you missed the media circus that was the White House meeting Thursday between Kanye West and Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel presented highlights with annotation and commentary on last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Here’s the clip, posted by ABC …


  1. They’re producing a mini-TV series about the meeting. It will be called “Two Idiots in a Room”.
    The supporting actors will also be Republicans…I mean idiots.

  2. The hysteria on CNN and MSNBC says a lot about what is happening to the Democratic Party. It started in 2007. The Democratic establishment had ordained Hillary as the next Democratic presidential candidate. However, they didn’t expect Barack Obama spoiling the plan. And this also put the first dent in the democrats base talking point since Lyndon Johnson – white America prevents black advancement. A black person strayed and ran against the Democratic establishment. Then Barack won the election and it turned out that America isn’t really the racist country the Democrats used as a traditional talking point. And then he was re-elected. No matter their own political positions every American has come to admire the Obamas. They epitomize the American Dream. He came from a lower middle class, mixed-race family and built a great career, again denting the traditional talking point. He and Michelle are admired for having raised two wonderful children and a beautiful family. His election proved that a black person can break from the Democratic establishment and there really is opportunity for minorities. Now Kanye has the audacity to meet with and hug! the President that the Democratic establishment wants to paint as a racist. Blacks are supposed to follow the Democratic establishment talking points. Kanye is one of the most recognized Black artists and for him to literally embrace Trump puts another hole in the Democratic talking points. On top of that it is another demonstration that minorities can have their own opinion different from the Democratic establishment, so it is necessary to accuse him of being crazy. To add to a bad week, Michelle Obama says that she is friends with George Bush. And then straying from the current talking points of personally attacking the Republicans wherever you find them; Michelle broke from that party talking point saying “If we’re the adults in the room and we’re not showing that level of decency, we can’t expect our children to do the same.” That is why Michelle is one of the most admired first ladies in history. And that is why the Democrats need to find a new message if we are to win the next presidential election.

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