Is Cable TV Now Unaffordable for Most Americans?

Oct 30, 2018  •  Post A Comment

In a new study examining why consumers are dumping pay TV services in favor of streaming, The Hollywood Reporter, working with Morning Consult, finds that the most basic answer, not surprisingly, is “to save money.”

“A whopping 90 percent of Americans say that the most important factor when deciding to subscribe to a TV or streaming service is cost,” THR reports. “Meanwhile, 56 percent say cable is ‘unaffordable’ and 47 percent say the same about satellite, while just 17 percent deem streaming unaffordable.”

Morning Consult VP Tyler Sinclair is quoted saying: “People are just homing in on affordability, especially younger consumers.”

The report adds: “While 42 percent of Americans say they watch more cable and satellite TV than they watch streaming, the younger the demographic the fewer hours of TV watched in general, be it streaming or traditional, Sinclair notes.”

The poll also “indicates that 72 percent of those who have cut the cord have little or no interest in resubscribing,” THR notes.


  1. Cable needs to start an option where the customer chooses the channels and what they are willing to pay . That way the consumer knows what they are paying for each month. If they can pick the channels they want to watch and understand what they are paying for there will be more interest. Most people I know, are cutting the cord because other options are being provided that allow them more control of what they pay for. If you only want local stations, sports and HBO, why should you pay for Hallmark, Fox News, HGTV, food, cook, Game show network and the list goes on and on….

  2. The biggest culprit for higher cable/satellite prices is sports programming. Take ESPN & regional sports channels out of the mix, and watch the prices drop! Between greedy owners/colleges and overpaid athletes, costs have gotten out of hand for the average consumer.

  3. I would drop ESPN and every sports channel on my lineup if I could. It would be awesome if someone had a “No ESPN Package.” We subscribe to Dish, and in order to get the channels we want to watch, our package includes dozens we never watch. We keep dish mostly for our local TV channels which are just far enough away that we can’t get them with an outside antenna.
    We would try the streaming services, but none of them have a complete enough lineup for the channels we want and local stations.

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