Megyn Kelly Gets in Hot Water Again — Here’s What She Said, and What She’s Saying About It Now

Oct 24, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Megyn Kelly, who has had her share of missteps on her NBC morning show, found herself in the middle of another firestorm — this time over comments she made Tuesday about blackface. She soon found herself apologizing on the air.

Kelly’s original comments, which included noting that when she was a kid blackface was “OK as long as you were dressing like a character,” drew plenty of backlash, with some observers noting that it wasn’t the first time Kelly had committed an apparent faux pas on race-related issues.

After first apologizing by email to her staff, Kelly opened today’s installment of “Megyn Kelly Today” with a public apology, which you can see below …

Below is a segment from Tuesday’s “NBC Nightly News” that includes some of Kelly’s original comments from Tuesday morning, along with a glance at past moments when Kelly waded in on race.


  1. What do you expect, she worked at Fox.

  2. Megyn Kelly’s comments were way out of bounds. But it is an indication of her ignorance, not of the fact she worked at Fox News. It is also an indication, along with numerous other errors since signing with NBC, that she is not capable of hosting general current affairs programming. NBC needs to move her back to news and news commentary where she had more success and seemed to be able to handle herself in a situation where the programming is more structured and she doesn’t have to think on her feet and carry on a conversation.


  4. I dressed as Tina Turner on Halloween many moons ago. I”m white and I”m proud. It’s a free country. This year alone I’m seeing blacks dressed as whites as well as some whites dressed as blacks. Stop being so thin skinned. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    • You are an idiot!

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