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Bravo Releases Premiere Episode of ‘Dirty John’ Ahead of the Show’s Linear Debut — Watch It Now

Nov 15, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Bravo is making the first episode of “Dirty John” available for free in a special pre-linear preview on YouTube, BravoTV.com, VOD and the Bravo App.

The move comes ahead of the show’s Sunday, Nov. 25, premiere on Bravo. The true crime anthology series, based on the podcast of the same name by Christopher Goffard, stars Connie Britton and Eric Bana.

Here’s the premiere episode:


  1. FINALLY we” love view Bravo’s Dirty John & other series after Dirty John! Viewers llLOVE Britton in any format. I’ve waited patiently & not patiently for “Dirty John”! Great clip of giving views a senior then leave uw hanging. By chance ONLY I decided to Google Dirty John’ s start date LOW – BEHOLD it’s TONIGHT. No one except Bravo dangles the carrot in front of the mule as Bravo did with this series. I hope other viewers were of same mind because I nearly missed any news this show begins tonight. Haven’t noticed many commercials today because Almighty football was on.c Hope ti have a feeling this one will be epic. I’ve slowly let go of Housewives because they seem prompted & so many new cast members are just not interesting. I gave up on Atlanta, most of OC because of Gina & Emilyj. I also have no interest in Shas, Million $ & I’m uncertain if I’ll continue watching Flipping because of Jenny’s departure. NO ONE, NO ON can stomach Jeff with Jenn hanling his OCD behavior, rudeness to staff & professionals mist of the time. Jennyy was his buffer. Jeff was cruel to Zoika & now Jenny. What a loser for treating all staff & he HAS zero interest in his child. A few hugs or prompted reading g. This poor child will watch the wat of the father & will become a tyrinical sperm donor. Hopefully this young child will grow up as her REAL loving 24 hour dad Gage. Pathetic


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