Fox News Apologizes for What Kid Rock Did on the Air

Nov 30, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Fox News Channel offered a quick on-air apology after Kid Rock, appearing this morning on “Fox & Friends,” called “The View” co-host Joy Behar “that bitch” in an interview that went out live.

According to The Hollywood Reporter: “Fox News has made an organizational priority to cut down on inappropriate remarks by guests, under CEO Suzanne Scott’s leadership, and co-host Steve Doocy moved quickly to clear up Kid Rock’s mess.”

Rock, who was railing against political correctness, is quoted saying in the interview from Nashville: “People need to calm down, get a little less politically correct. And, I would say, you know, love everybody, except — I’d say screw that Joy Behar bitch. … I mean lady. Lady.”

Doocy reportedly responded immediately, telling Kid Rock: “You cannot say that.” Doocy then told viewers: “We apologize for that. Listen, she’s just got a different point of view than you do.”

THR adds: “Kid Rock said he was ‘joking’ about Behar, but Doocy and his co-hosts made clear to Fox News viewers that the network did not condone the remark. ‘You apologize for that language, right?’ Doocy asked him.”

Kid Rock is quoted responding: “I did apologize for the language, not the sentiment.” And Doocy followed with: “We don’t feel that way. We apologize for both.”

THR also notes: “Doocy’s co-host Ainsley Earhardt apologized again after the segment ended. ‘We do need to apologize,’ she said. ‘We don’t feel that way about Joy Behar. We don’t condone that language.'”

Behar and her co-hosts responded on “The View” soon after the incident happened, with Behar inviting Kid Rock to the show and offering to have a beer with him.

“The View” posted a clip of their discussion of the incident, which includes a clip of Kid Rock’s original comment. Here it is …


  1. Another example of a no-class Republican.

  2. Seems to me that when someone is complaining about “political correctness,” they are actually complaining that they are getting grief when they make racist, sexist or just plain rude remarks. It used to be called manners, but I guess some people think that manners don’t mean anything anymore.

  3. Thank You Kid Rock!!! That Is In fact the Sentiments of MOST of America!! We Don’t Like Big Mouthed Joy In Fact We Can’t Stand Her…Finally Somebody Got a Shot Back at the Queen Cheapshot B!!!!!!!

  4. Ahhh… Just another man threatened by a woman with an opinion who isn’t afraid of the backlash. Grow a pair kid Rock and go on The View, please just wash that nasty hair before you do.

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