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Pamela Anderson Slams #MeToo Movement

Nov 5, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Pamela Anderson, a former Playboy model and onetime “Baywatch” star, called the #MeToo movement “a bore” in a new interview and said it has gone “too far,” The New York Post’s Page Six reports.

In an interview with “60 Minutes Australia,” Anderson said: “Feminism can go too far. I’m a feminist, but I think that this third wave of feminism is a bore. I think it paralyzes men.”

“Anderson, 51, brought up the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and said it was ‘common sense’ to avoid those types of ‘business meetings,'” The Post reports.

She’s quoted saying: “My mother taught me don’t go to a hotel with a stranger. If someone opens the door in a bathrobe and it’s supposed to be a business meeting, maybe I should go with somebody else. I think some things are just common sense. Or, if you go in … get the job. I’m Canadian, I’m going to speak my mind. I’m sorry, I’m not politically correct.”


  1. What is a bore is this pneumatically enhanced bimbo who has not an ounce of talent and one who goes beyond sleazy with her boyfriends and husbands.

    The less she says about anything is the only way to keep her quiet and out of the picture.

  2. Not am ounce of talent? Did you see the video of her doing Tommy on the boat?

  3. Pam is at least honest she might be a bimbo as you call her she’s prettier than any of you wanna be , and makes sense these women knew exactly what the deal is with these dirty old men, who does that , fame worship , they were willing to sleep with these old farts for fame now they are only trying to get even, Gold diggers

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