Shaquille O’Neal to Star in TV Show

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A comedy project featuring NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal as one of the two main stars has received an order for a pilot from TBS. The cable channel announced plans today for the unscripted project “Unqualified” (working title).

O’Neal and Ken Jeong are at the center of the project, which follows them as they take on odd jobs. They are also executive producing with Abso Lutely Productions.

“Between them, there are very few things these two iconic Renaissance men can’t do,” TBS says in today’s announcement. “Shaq easily shifted from court to courtside commentary as an analyst for Turner Sports’ Emmy Award-winning ‘Inside the NBA’ on TNT. And Jeong really is a medical doctor as well as playing one on TV. But can they be scuba instructors? Line cooks? Dental hygienists? Nude art class models? All in one day?”

TBS describes the setup this way: “Summoned to their temporary employment by unsuspecting people via a digital portal, ‘Unqualified’ (wt) will follow the antics of Shaq and Ken as they try their hands at jobs that have always intrigued them, along with a few they’d rather avoid. Sometimes Shaq and Ken will have no clue what they’re walking into.

“Utilizing their wide range of talent and hustle, the duo will perform tasks such as patrolling malls as rent-a-cops, substitute teaching kindergarten, train conducting and performing as party clowns.”

Said Michael Bloom, senior vice president of unscripted and specials for TBS and TNT: “These guys made magic on ‘Drop the Mic’ together. Their chemistry is undeniable. And no doubt that magic will extend to the unwitting people who expect anything to get done when they show up.”

In a joint statement, O’Neal and Jeong added: “We are built to hustle. We’re thankful to TBS for giving us the opportunity to embrace any challenge that comes our way and we hope to surprise everyone with our ability to learn the ropes on the fly.”

O’Neal and Jeong will executive produce alongside Dave Kneebone, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Abso Lutely Productions along with Jensen Karp, Perry Rogers Colin Smeeton, Mike Perris, and Brett Carducci.

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