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The New York Post Comes Up With Another Classic Headline Today: ‘Voters Choose Dead Pimp Over Democratic Opponent’

Nov 7, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A deceased brothel owner won an election Tuesday night — and it wasn’t even close. The New York Post reports that Dennis Hof, who died last month at his Love Ranch brothel in Nevada, was elected to a state assembly seat.

Hof was a familiar figure to HBO viewers through the pay cabler’s “Cathouse” series, which chronicled activities at his Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal Nevada brothel.

Hof reportedly won in a landslide over his Democratic opponent, Lesia Romanov.

“Although polling sites were plastered with signs declaring him dead, results showed that Hof had 68.3 percent of the vote versus Romanov’s 32 percent,” The Post reports. “The budding politician was found deceased after a rally with porn star Ron Jeremy and former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.”

The report adds: “The assembly seat will be declared vacant, since the winner is dead, and the county commissioner will begin a process to fill the seat.”

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  1. Ron Jeremy would be an interesting choice to fill the seat. That would be keeping in the same line of work that voters apparently liked.

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