‘Today’ Personality Exits NBC

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An on-air personality at NBC’s “Today” show who has been with the network’s news division for more than a decade is leaving the network. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeff Rossen, who wanted to expand his “Rossen Reports” branded consumer segments into a multiplatform franchise, is headed out.

“His contract was up last week, multiple sources told The Hollywood Reporter, and the parties could not come to terms on a new deal,” THR reports.

The report cites network sources saying Rossen is leaving on good terms, with the plan being for him to stay on until mid-January. Additionally, his team of producers will remain with NBC News, THR notes.

“He is still in production on multiple ‘Rossen Reports’ segments, which air on ‘Today’ and ‘Nightly News,’ and he will take the ‘Rossen Reports’ trademark with him,” THR adds.


  1. Nooooo…love Jeff Rosen, keep him on NBC! His segments are so informative!
    Seriously beginning to lose interest in the Today Show, have been a loyal viewer for many years.
    I’m soon going to ABC with all the changes, come on!!!

    • He’s fantastic. And was one of the reasons I watched that show.

  2. After countless years of loyal viewership, I left the Today Show for ABC after the Megan Kelly debacle. Not because of her, but because of the overpaid Today anchors’ responses to her mis-step. I actually preferred her edgy hour over the overly soft, fluffy, and sacharine,.post-Lauer changes made by NBC. I hung on because of Jeff Rossen’s segments, but oh well. Moving on…

  3. I agree, I like the rossen reports was sadden by the way the anchors treated Megan. It’s sad we now live in a world of unforgiveness. Kinda hypocritical don’t you think, they all preach kindness but just for a chosen few. I’m not a big fan of Megan’s but wasn’t of silly Tamron Hall either. More was made out of what was said than what Megan meant. Losing interest as well

  4. Jeff Rossen will NOT be missed. The reason Rossen’s segments have always been paced like he’s giving you the hustle is precisely because he’s giving you the hustle. Always on the hustle. Always fast-talking. Always a ridiculous fast cut. Always in a damn hurry. He never takes a reasonable step back and gives the viewer a sense of perspective or a well-considered understanding of anything he talks about. Totally counter-productive.

  5. I watched Megan every day. I never watch the station before. And,im not watching any longer.

  6. I enjoy the Today show now, watch it everyday. I was never a big fan of Megan Kelly, her show was boring, enjoy the new format. Not a big fan of the last hour, but will definitely miss the Rossen reports, they were very informative. Will continue to watch every morning.

  7. Glad to see Megan’s Public Relations operation continues to thrive. Those posts, straight from hqtrs. Megan is a clueless, elitist, with no sense of what the “real” world is all about. Every time I watched (very. very, infrequently), I kept thinking she was channeling Leona Helmsley. NO ONE at NBC misses her or her imperious attitude. They just hope the bosses don’t cave and pay her off.

  8. I have watched the Today Show since I was a child in the ’50’s – 60’s. But I am disappointed in the current show. As much as I love Hoda on Kathie Lee and Hoda, she is not helping the early show. She’s way too
    giggly and comes across as insincere with her effusiveness for EVERYTHING. I will miss the Rossen Reports.

  9. Just realized I hadnt seen him for awhile. I too am loosing interest in The Today show
    He was at least someone who gave useful information. His segment was interesting, and informative. Now what Today show. You should do focus groups before making changes

  10. I miss the Rossen Reports. I found them to to be very informative and relevant. Often times I would pass on the useful information from his segments to family members.
    Jeff’s desire to get to the bottom of the problem and get the word out there to help others was very evident. I believe the Today Show definitely made a mistake letting him get away.

  11. I just realized hadn’t seen Jeff’s segments recently and googled it. Once Today gets rid of someone, it’s like they were never there!! So strange. I also miss Natalie being part of the daily group. Enjoy some upbeat people amid all the negative news stories! I quit watching the Hoda & KLG Show because Kathie Lee was so snippy about everything. She should have left several years ago IMO! It’s easy to sit on your couch and criticize though, so need to step back from it all and realize in the scheme of things, what difference does it make?

  12. Too bad Natalie Morales is no longer with NBC and Rossen reports that was so relevant & informative which is actually the only most relevant reports on NBC because anymore they don’t have any good topic to talk about & not real journalism anymore & full of lies too. It was so pleasant to watch Natalie Morales because not only that she’s so pleasant to listen to but also because she’s beautiful to look at too. There are no attractive people there anymore but Dylan.

  13. I also miss Jeff and Natalie. 2 of the best. Dylan is a breath of fresh air.

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