Which Network Is on Top in ‘the Single Most Important Metric in All of Television’?

Nov 16, 2018  •  Post A Comment

An announcement released today says “the single most important metric in today’s television landscape” is live sports event viewing, and the announcement, from Fox Sports, says Fox Sports “reigns supreme” in the metric.

“In the single most important metric in today’s television landscape, Fox Sports delivers in live sports event viewing this fall across its NFL, postseason baseball and college football properties,” the announcement says. “Beginning with Week 1 of the college football season on Fox, the network has a total of 103 billion minutes-viewed, ranking 1st among sports networks with a staggering +68% advantage over second place.”

Said Michael Mulvihill, Fox Sports executive VP for Research, League Operations & Strategy: “The numbers don’t lie. Fox Sports owns the fall. We’re delivering on our promise to be the leaders in the most valuable content at the most valuable time of the year.”

“When combining college football with the NFL, football on Fox amassed a total of 80.7 billion minutes-viewed, a sizable +34% gain over the next nearest competitor in 2018,” the announcement adds. “In October, when sports fans are glued to television sets across America watching postseason baseball, college football and NFL on FOX, the network owned 60% of the top 20 most-watched events in all of television for the month. With 54.2 billion minutes of live sports event viewing, Fox came out more than double the second-best broadcast or cable network for the month of October.”


  1. This is total BullCrap. A HUGE percentage of television viewers are not watching live sports and are NOT watching Fox Sports. The cherry-picked numbers in Fox’s statement are utterly laughable.

  2. Networks and stations are cherry-picking demos to make themselves look good? Outrageous! How long has this been going on? Hmmm. Since the beginning, you say? Never mind, then. Carry on!

  3. Sports is the new hot number because most people would cut the cord if they didn’t need it to watch sports. That’s why the cherry pick.

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