Madison Avenue’s Latest Idea to Grab Your Attention While Watching TV: ‘Pause-vertising’

Dec 4, 2018  •  Post A Comment

As television rethinks the commercial break for the digital age, the latest scheme may or may not be welcomed by binge watchers. Variety reports that programmers and marketers are eyeing something that’s being called “pause ads” or “pause-vertising,” where viewers are hit with ads just as they take a break from their binge.

“Consumers have more power these days to avoid ads that get in the way of the viewing of their favorite shows, but maybe  —  just maybe — they will show interest in commercials that come on screen during interludes of their own choosing from long streaming sessions or on-demand playback,” Variety reports.

Apparently, some outlets are betting that viewers will respond favorably. Hulu reportedly plans to roll out what it calls “pause ads” in 2019.

“AT&T also has hopes to use the pause to lend new momentum to TV advertising,” Variety reports. “The company, which owns DirecTV and U-verse, expects to launch technology next year that puts a full-motion video on a screen when a user decides to take a respite.

Matt Van Houten, vice president of product at Xandr Media, AT&T’s advertising division, is quoted in the report saying: “We know you’re going to capture 100% viewability when they pause and unpause. There’s a lot of value in that experience.”

We encourage readers to click on the link above to Variety to read the full report.


  1. Some outlets are making the wrong bet. These people are morons.

  2. Ridiculous. I’ll just turn tv completely off. If I pause it is for a specific reason:
    -to invite someone in to view something
    -to study a background or letter
    -To discuss something with somebody
    -to answer the phone, etc.
    I don’t want an ad disrupting my phone call etc!!!!
    Intrusive idea, real turn off. Those pop up ads already ruin the tension of movies and shows and banners cover crucial elements being talked about. The rectangular screen with a huge banner THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE THRU to catch a full view of how the director framed the shot or what’s up on the news because the eye of the cameraman isn’t thinking “banner!” already downgrades viewer experience. I get angry at such ads and refuse to read them and get angry at the shows, too , for the ads intrusiveness.

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