Megyn Kelly Has Green Light to Work at Other News Outlets

Dec 5, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Following the abrupt end of her tenure at NBC News — prompted by her misstep on the blackface issue — Megyn Kelly has the green light to take a job at another news outlet, Variety reports, citing an unnamed source who’s familiar with the situation.

“Kelly is not expected to be bound by any non-compete restrictions, and could take a job at other news operations, this person said,” Variety reports.

The story notes that the revelation “suggests exit talks between the star anchor and the NBCUniversal-owned division are moving toward a close.”

NBCUniversal and Kelly’s camp weren’t commenting.

“People familiar with the talks suggested that many issues between the two parties — money; non-disparagement; and other issues — are largely resolved,” Variety adds. “They acknowledged, however, that attorneys continue to wrangle over legal language and minor disparities.”


  1. What is happening in our world, everbody is over sensitive. I miss the Megyn Kelly show, she was honest and down to earth. I hope she will be back with her own show again. It was really unfair what happened

  2. Unfair??? To whom??!! She brought this on herself with her assanine comment..

  3. If she needs work I have a small station in Laughlin, NV. No problem adding her to the staff. Hate to see her jobless.
    Bruce Clark
    Laughlin, NV

  4. I love Megyn..She wont be jobless for long..So who doesnt dress like any character they choose to be on Halloween? Grow up people! Shes beautiful, intelligent, stylish and with modern day time! #GoKelly!

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