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Report: ‘CBS This Morning’ to Be Rebuilt ‘From the Ground Up’

Dec 14, 2018  •  Post A Comment

As CBS struggles to regroup amid a sexual harassment crisis, the news division’s embattled morning show is about to be rebuilt “from the ground up,” The New York Post’s Page Six reports.

“A thriving ‘CBS This Morning’ was thrown into disarray by Charlie Rose’s sudden exit — and we’re told that top brass have come to believe that the show overall is not going to recover,” The Post reports.

Rose left amid sexual misconduct allegations in November 2017, leaving Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell to soldier on, soon joined by John Dickerson.

“But the impressive momentum that King, O’Donnell and Dickerson developed quickly faltered,” The Post reports.

The story quotes an insider saying: “There are real discussions about just starting over — anchors, format, producers. Everything is on the table.”

Meanwhile, the show’s executive producer, Ryan Kadro, is negotiating his exit from the network, as we reported this week. CBS has said the Kadro talks are unrelated to a network settlement with three of Rose’s accusers, which became public the same day.

“We’re told that Kadro decided to leave months ago because he believes the flagging morning show needs ‘fresh blood and a total revamp’ — and he’s not the man to do it,” The Post reports. “Kadro was also named in the Washington Post’s story about the Rose cover-up.”


  1. Hey CBS I’ve got your solution staff your main talent with Anthony Mason, Brianna Golodryga and Alex Wagner. Journalists that folks admire and respect.

    • Yes please.

  2. Pardon the misspelling ‘Bianna’ Golodryga damn auto correct

  3. Whatever happened when Charlie Rose went off the CBS Television Network following his 3-decade run on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)?

  4. I’ve always liked CBS THIS Morning, but the lisp or false teeth that Bianna Golodryga wears has me ready to change the channel! Has no one else noticed how she cannot pronounce her S’s??? Everyone in my household laughs and makes fun of it when she’s on!

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