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‘Sesame Street’ Introduces the First Homeless Muppet

Dec 12, 2018  •  Post A Comment

One of the characters on “Sesame Street” is homeless, for the first time in the long-running Muppet show’s history.

USA Today reports that Lily, described as a hot pink puppet with red hair, is the show’s first homeless character.

“She was first introduced to the series in 2011 where she explained that her family was experiencing food insecurity — they didn’t have enough to eat,” USA Today reports. “In new online clips, the seven-year-old character explains that she is staying with friends on ‘Sesame Street’ because her family has lost their home.”

Lily tells Elmo in a clip: “Now we don’t have our own place to live, and sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever have our own home.”

USA Today adds: “Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind ‘Sesame Street,’ is reintroducing Lily as the first homeless character on the show in order to provide hope for those children that are currently without a home of their own. The story line was created as a new initiative, and part of the Sesame Street in Communities program, to alleviate the stigma around homelessness.”

Here’s a clip posted by USA Today …

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  1. Bravo to the folks at Sesame Street for addressing this very real issue. It seem surreal to be living in the 21st century and in my country, this is still an issue. How about for every dollar that we put towards a wall that won’t make us any more secure then we are, we put a dollar to deal eliminate homelessness and food insecurity with programs that provide job not a handout, dignity rather then shame and benefit these people
    and our nation.

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