Whaaat? Why Les Moonves Is Thinking of Suing CBS

Dec 10, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“Disgraced media mogul Les Moonves is threatening to sue CBS,” reports the New York Post.

The story continues, “In what’s expected to amount to a breach of contract suit, Moonves’ lawyers are preparing to allege that leaks to the New York Times [last] week about CBS’ pending investigation into Moonves broke a confidentiality agreement and sullied the exec’s reputation, sources close to Moonves said.”

The Post story, written by Alexandra Steigrad, adds that with the [CBS] report’s confidential findings now public “lawyers for Moonves, who has said he believed the sexual encounters were consensual, believe they’ve now got a foot in the door ‘to challenge the process legally,’ the source said.”

At stake is a retirement package of $120 million. CBS needs to determine if Moonves will receive all of it, part of it, or none of it.

To read more details about this story please click here, which will take you to Steigrad’s New York Post article.

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  1. Why wouldn’t Moonves sue? You act surprised that he’d even think of it. Let’s say he does nothing. You do understand he stands to lose $120 million dollars. Doesn’t matter what he did, or did not do. Suing gives him negotiating leverage. Considering how much CBS would have to pay lawyers to contest the lawsuit, they would probably rather settle for some amount than go to court and who knows how much it would cost them in lawyer’s fees.

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