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Blown Non-Call in NFC Title Game Lands in U.S. Senate

Jan 25, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The NFL came under fire on the floor of the U.S. Senate, as the fallout continues over a brutal missed call near the end of the NFC Championship Game.

The league has received a torrent of criticism over the incident in the final two minutes of the game, which gave the L.A. Rams an opportunity to come back and win the game, sending them to the Super Bowl. The referees failed to call what seemed to be an obvious pass interference — not to mention helmet-to-helmet contact — a call that, had it been made, would in all likelihood have given the New Orleans Saints a chance to lock up the win.

“Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy is still so pissed off about the blown non-penalty in the NFC Championship game … he just went on the floor of the Senate to call out the NFL,” TMZ reports.

The website quotes Cassidy saying: “The State of Louisiana is outraged because of what happened in the Superdome last Sunday. To the folks back home, it is something which continues to disturb them.”

Cassidy reportedly called the incident “the most blatant and consequential blown call in NFL history.”

“In fact, Cassidy says it’s not just Saints fans who are pissed — superstars like LeBron James, JJ Watt and Dez Bryant tweeted about the ‘travesty,'” TMZ reports. “Cassidy suggested that the refs may have had a secret pro-Rams agenda and he’s calling for the NFL to launch a full investigation.”

The report adds: “He ended his rant by essentially calling for NFL officials to face the Senate to answer questions about the game and the way the NFL runs its business … claiming the league has a real impact on American culture.”

Here’s the controversial play …


  1. The Lousiana Senator is right. Seems like these NFL refs either were blind, which we know they are not, or were paid off by the bookmakers to throw the game the Rams way. There is no other explanation. Both the NFL and hopefully the FBI look into this, no joke. The NFL will obviously not admit anything about the refs, which is why the FBI needs to investigate. And those refs should never ever ref another game.

  2. I don’t even watch football and I know the man is damn right. That was the worst call I’ve ever seen in any sport. No way that it shouldn’t have been caught by someone during the game. Have they no one “upstairs” reviewing these things? It’d never have happened in hockey

  3. Were the Refs in the Saints vs. Vikings NFC Championship game ALSO paid off by the bookmakers ??? Was New Orleans the team that just HAD to get to the Superbowl because of Hurricane Katrina and all ?
    There were at least SIX blown calls in that game that went against the Vikings culminating with a phantom pass interference call on linebacker Ben Leber on a 3rd and 10 that put the Saints squarely in field goal range to win the game. After that fiasco, the NFL changed the overtime rules to allow each team at least one possession in O.T. unless the first possessing team scored a TD. And NONE of those blown calls in that NFC Championship involved the excessive late hits and roughing on Vikings QB Brett Favre. Those non-calls were so egregious that Saints head coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams were each suspended by the NFL for an entire year. It was called “Bounty-Gate” if you don’t remember. Crap happens in sports that sometimes makes no sense. I guess the people in Minnesota were just exhibiting their “toxic masculinity” by not having an epic meltdown like the snowflake Saints fans. Right???

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